[R] treating missing values in timeSeries package

Upananda Pani upananda.pani at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 10:58:13 CET 2014

Dear All,

I am getting the following error when i am using interpNA function from
timeSeries package

# Missing Value Treatment (Linear Interpolation)
> spt = interpNA(spt, method = c("linear"))
Error in interpNA(spt, method = c("linear")) : spt is not a tis object
> fut = interpNA(fut, method = c("linear"))
Error in interpNA(fut, method = c("linear")) : fut is not a tis object
> spt = ts(spt, start=c(2006,4), frequency=305)
> fut = ts(fut, start=c(2006,4), frequency=305)
> spt = interpNA(spt, method = c("linear"))

Would you please help me in this regard.

With sincere regards,


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