[R] Need help to understand ecdf (empirical cumulative distribution function)

Nourhène Alaya nourhenalaya at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 16:40:21 CEST 2014


I m a new user of R. I need to plot distribution of some computed
centrality metrics of my network.
I used ecdf to compute the cumulative distribution of degrees and then
plotted the resultat. However, i got a different distribution from the one
computed using the degree.distribution function from the igraph package !?
Can you help me figure out which of them is the correct one. The two plots
are joined to this mail.

#The degree Vector of the graph's nodes

#degree distribution with igraph
dist<-degree.distribution(graph, cumulative=TRUE)

#degree distribution with ecdf
decdf<- ecdf(degree(dd)

Nourhène ALAYA
Ingénieur Informatique,
Doctorant à la faculté des sciences de Tunis,
Doctorant à l'université de Paris 8

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