[R] Making several plots using a loop function

Kehl Dániel kehld at ktk.pte.hu
Tue Jun 24 15:23:01 CEST 2014


try something like


in the plot command.

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Tárgy: [R] Making several plots using a loop function

Hi all,
   When making a bunch of plots using a loop function, how to add title to
reflect different plots.
Specifically, for the code below, I generated 9 plots.  I would like to add
a title to each plot.
For example, the titles will be respectively, plot1, plot 2, ‌ plot 9.
Thank you very much!

par(mfrow=c(3,3), pty="s", pch=16, col="blue")
for ( i in 1:9) {
lm1 <-  lm(log(run_res[2:11, i]) ~ log(level))
plot(log(level), log(run_res[2:11, i]), xlab="dllution levels",

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