[R] Publication-ready figures with two plots

Charles Berry ccberry at ucsd.edu
Wed Jun 18 23:28:36 CEST 2014

Adam Hayward <a.hayward <at> sheffield.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi all,
> I have quite a specific problem with producing 300ppi plots in tiff format
> for publication. I have found ggsave to work beautifully with a single
> plot, which can then be exported to GIMP to compress the resulting large
> tiff file. However, 

[tale of failure to montage two plots deleted]

> I will also have a figure which does not use ggplot, but consists of three
> plots produced with barplot2 and matplot, but presumably this faces a
> similar problem. Essentially, could anyone suggest a way of translating
> what appears in the plot appearing in the plot window (I use RStudio) to a
> high-resolution tiff file with as little fuss as possible?

I you do not get a reply that shows how to do this natively in R, Google

   "GIMP montage"

and follow the directions, or use the 'montage' command line tool from 



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