[R] NA/NaN values in bnlearn package R

Alexsandro Cândido de Oliveira Silva acos at dpi.inpe.br
Mon Jun 9 03:27:17 CEST 2014


I am using the bnlearn package in R to handle large amounts of data in  
Bayesian networks. The variables are discrete and have more than 3  
million observations.
With bn.fit function I could easily get the conditional probability  
distribution. However, some variables have unobserved values ??(i.e.,  
NA or NaN). In some variables, unobserved values ??are almost 1  
million. This is a lot to just delete them.

In tests, I've got this:

> nw.fit <-bn.fit (nw, date, method = 'bayes')
Error in check.data (date): the data set contains null / NaN / NA values??.

So, how could I deal with the data and get the conditional probability  
Could someone help me?

Alexsandro Cândido de Oliveira Silva

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