[R] Plotting issues with -par(mfrow=c(r,c))- after -boot-

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us
Wed Jun 4 04:22:17 CEST 2014

No, because I have never used Boot, or tried to use plot.boot... I just know that there are three main styles of plotting in R and the manual pages are usually informative on which is in use. I am glad you figured out a better solution though, and thanks for reporting back.
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On June 3, 2014 7:10:21 PM PDT, Clive Nicholas <clivelists at googlemail.com> wrote:
>On 1 June 2014 22:07, Jeff Newmiller <jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us> wrote:
>Read ?plot.boot, in particular the Side Effects section. Not a very
>> friendly function... you will have to modify it if you wish to
>I guess you were expecting me to come back at some stage to say that
>figured out the -Boot- package of routines from the -car- library does
>exactly what I'm looking for and more, weren't you?
>Fox and Weisberg's 17-page 'manual' on -Boot- from 2012 is a very good
>guide to its usage and it turns out that -Boot- actually delivers
>graphics than those fired up by -boot-.

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