[R] Linear relative rate / excess relative risk models

Wollschlaeger, Daniel wollschlaeger at uni-mainz.de
Wed Jan 8 21:22:33 CET 2014

If I understand you correctly, that is exactly the approach taken by Atkinson & Therneau: They get the baseline rates from published rate tables from the general population, multiply them by the appropriate person-time from their data to get expected counts, and use this as offset.

Unfortunately, I won't have comparable baseline rate tables. And while I could fit a separate model only to the unexposed group for expected counts, I'd prefer to fit both factors (lambda0 and 1+ERR) simultaneously - as it is typically done in the existing literature.

Best, Daniel

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Betreff: Re: [R] Linear relative rate / excess relative risk models

I would fit a Poisson model to the dose-response data with offsets for the baseline expecteds.

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