[R] How can I cluster a set of formulae?

Professor George F.Hart ghart at lsu.edu
Sun Jan 26 22:33:22 CET 2014

I am working on a problem in which I have derived a set of D  formulae
relating a different dependent variable to a grouping of independent variables.

D1 = intercept + ax1 + bx2 + bx3 + bx4
D2 = intercept + ex2 + fx7 + gx8
D3= intercept + hx1 + ix3 + jx7

etc to ... D8.

I have 3 categorical variables P, Q and A  [which are actually hierarchical
with A within Q with P, each containing a different number of classes]  – I
want to look at each of the categorical variables as a separate issue
clustering each of the D formulae into classes, so I can say something about
how the D's vary / interact across classes.

Intuitively this seems to be a discriminant function problem because the
classes are already known.  However, a PCA or FA might be necessary – and
then do a DFA on the clusters.  Either way I am not sure how to set it up or
even if I can interpret it to make sense.

Alternatively, I might be climbing up/down the wrong tree [pun intended]. 
Other methods might be better.


George F. Hart

I'm sending this to a number of statistics groups so apologize if you get
this note more than once.

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