[R] barplot: segment-wise shading

Martin Weiser weiser2 at natur.cuni.cz
Thu Jan 16 19:45:26 CET 2014

Dear listers,

I would like to make stacked barplot, and to be able to define shading
(density or angle) segment-wise, i.e. NOT like here:
 # Bar shading example
     barplot(VADeaths, angle = 15+10*1:5, density = 20, col = "black",
             legend = rownames(VADeaths))

The example has 5 different angles of shading, I would like to have as
many possible angle values as there are segments (i.e. 20 in the
VADeaths example).
I was not successful using web search.
Any advice?

Thank you for your patience.
With the best regards,
Martin Weiser

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