[R] demonstrating R in introductory class using point-and-click software

Ranjan Maitra maitra.mbox.ignored at inbox.com
Thu Jan 16 04:22:05 CET 2014

Dear friends,

OK, I did not think that it would ever come down to this, but I am
here with a question on what would be the best point-and-click approach
to using R in the classroom in a way that the students can also follow
and exhibit (on their own). 

So let me explain: I am teaching an introductory-level statistics class
for introductory first- and second-year civil and industrial
engineering students. This is a basic class following the book (not
important): Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis by Stephen B.
Vardeman and John Marcus. The class is very basic, and has
traditionally relied on JMP and Excel (less prevalent) to illustrate
data examples. I don't want to use either because I am a proponent of
OSS, and also because I find these two too cumbersome to handle. Also,
I don't think I have the time (and the students do not have the
inclination, I am told) to handle even basic interactive programming.
So, I was wondering if people with more experience would have
suggestions on what would be best to use.

I apologize if this has been discussed quite a bit here, but as I said
before, I did not think that it would come to this, so I basically did
not pay much attention.

Thanks very much for suggestions and experiences!
Best wishes,

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