[R] Curious behaviour of lapply and lists of functions

Julio Sergio Santana juliosergio at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 01:58:48 CET 2014

Let's say I define a simple list of functions, as follows

    lf <- list(
          function(x) x+5,
          function(x) 2*x

Then I can take any individual function from the list and
use it with any value, as it is shown:

   [1] 8

   [1] 6

this gives me the results I expected.

Then I create a function producer, that just generates a new function
from a given one:

    Producer <- function(f) function(x) 1/f(x)

if I use it with the elements of the list of functions

   [1] 0.125

   [1] 0.1666667

again, the result is satisfactory.

However, if I try to produce a list of the new functions, this is
what I get

    linv <- lapply(lf, Producer)

   [1] 0.1666667

   [1] 0.1666667

Of course this is not what I wanted. 
Could anyone explain me this courious behaviour, and how to get
the two functions in linv?



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