[R] How to get the row index numbers in a matrix

arun smartpink111 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 5 16:35:09 CET 2014


May be this helps:
dat <- data.frame(species=rep(letters[1:3],each=5),size=sample(40,15,replace=TRUE))
dat[3,2] <- 26
mat <- as.matrix(dat)
tapply(mat[,2],mat[,1],FUN=which.max) ##assuming that you did something like this
#a b c 
#1 3 2 

indx <- unlist(tapply(mat[,2],mat[,1],FUN=function(x) x==max(x)),use.names=FALSE)
dat[indx,] #or mat[indx,]
#   species size
#1        a   26
#3        a   26
#8        b   23
#12       c   36

indx2 <-with(dat,ave(size,species,FUN=max)==size)
#indx2 <- ave(mat[,2],mat[,1],FUN=max)==mat[,2]
#[1]  1  3  8 12


Dear Friends, I have a question don't know how to resolve. I have a big 
matrix. There are two colum's names"species" and "size". I have used the function "tapply" to get every maxium "size" data for every factors 
"species". Now, I want to choose these rows containing maxium "size" for every factors in "species". I don't know how should I do. I know 
"which()" can get the row index for one data. But, how to cope with 
hundreds of data? Thank you very much!

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