[R] metafor - rstudent(res) - omitted rows

Viechtbauer Wolfgang (STAT) wolfgang.viechtbauer at maastrichtuniversity.nl
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I think this may help:


I am not sure I understand your second question. All studies are shown (for which the standardized residual can be computed), but since there are so many studies, these plots are not really all that helpful. If you only want to plot the standardized residuals, then you could start with:

options(na.action = "na.pass")
sav <- rstandard(res)
plot(sav$slab, sav$z, pch=19, cex=.4, type="o")

and just start tweaking this. You will have to reduce the size of the axis annotations (look into cex.axis), probably make them vertically aligned (las), and stretch that plot very wide if you want to make out individual points. Look into help(par) for more details cex.axis and las, and help(Devices) for setting up a much wider plot.


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> Dear all,
> I am quite new to R. Now my following easy question.
> I use metafor and performed an outlier test with rstudent(res).
> This is resulting in 1000 rows of 1578 and 578 omitted rows (starting
> with
> row 598).
>    1. How can I display all 1578 rows in R-studio? Because in the
>    standardized residual plot it starts with study 1 (see attachment). In
>    R-studio with row 598.
>    2. How can I just plot the standardized residuals with manipulated
>    x-axis to see every single study?
> Thank you very much for your help.
> Cordially
> Dominik
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