[R] cex values being ignored in the curve function

Philip Robinson philip.c.robinson at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 22:25:59 CEST 2014

Dear R-Community,

The cex values in curve seem to be being ignored. I have searched 
previous help questions and also the web generally, and cannot find this 
being a major problem so I am suspicious of something odd happening but 
I am at a loss to work out why.

I am trying to plot this:

b1      <- -0.858
pow    <- 0.8
ratio   <- 1
sig      <- 0.05

needs to be bigger",xlab="And this bigger too",ylab="And this too", 
cex=1,cex.lab=3.5, cex.axis=3.5, cex.main=3.5, cex.sub=3.5)

But no matter what value of cex I make it, or whether I break up the 
arguments into :


or parse this before plotting : par(cex.lab=1.5, cex.axis=1.5, 
cex.main=3.5, cex.sub=1.5)

I cannot get the main, axis titles or axis numbers to change in size, 
whatever I do.

I am using a macbook pro, with mavericks, R-studio and R 3.1.0 
"spring-dance", and I am initiating the plot with:

X11( width=width , height=height , type="cairo").

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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