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Rondeau Virginie Virginie.Rondeau at isped.u-bordeaux2.fr
Tue Apr 8 09:09:48 CEST 2014

Dear R users,

the frailtypack package, for the analysis of correlated survival data, 
has been updated on CRAN.

The major changes in version 2.6 are:

* Fit now a multivariate gaussian frailty model (two types of recurrent 
events and a terminal event). For instance here is a model that fits a 
weibull multivariate gaussian frailty model with different adjustments:

* modMultiv.weib <- 
formula.terminalEvent=~v1,data=dataMultiv,hazard="Weibull") *

* New dynamic tool of prediction probabilities in Cox models, standard 
shared frailty models or joint frailty models.

* Concordance measures for clustered data.

* initialization of regression coefficients, variance of the random 
effects, and alpha now available in joint frailty models. Moreover, with 
'Alpha="none"', frailtyPenal can fit a joint model with a fixed alpha (=1).

* Interval-censored frailty models.

Best regards,

Virginie Rondeau, Alexandre Laurent

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