[R] Change position in package rgl

Roland Rau rau at demogr.mpg.de
Sat Apr 12 17:19:45 CEST 2014

Dear all,

I am using package rgl and I want to change the position where I "stand".
Maybe a small example might clarify what I am looking for:

# Begininng of explanatory example

# the example ?rgl.surface
y <- 2 * volcano
x <- 10 * (1:nrow(y))
z <- 10 * (1:ncol(y))
ylim <- range(y)
ylen <- ylim[2] - ylim[1] + 1
colorlut <- terrain.colors(ylen)
col <- colorlut[ y-ylim[1]+1 ]

rgl.surface(x, z, y, color=col, back="lines")
## now I have the nice volcano surface
## with rgl.viewpoint I can change the elevation
## and the angle from where I look at the rgl.surface
# example of ?rgl.viewpoint
start <- proc.time()[3]
while ((i <- 36*(proc.time()[3]-start)) < 360) {
# End of explanatory example

What I am looking for (in this example) would be a way for me to "stand"
on the crater of the volcano, looking in a specific direction. Is there
something like a function where I can specify my coordinates (x,y,z) and
angle and a zoom factor?

Thank you,

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