[R] R, RStudio, and a server for my iPad.

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On Apr 11, 2014, at 2:00 PM, John Sorkin wrote:

> I bemoan the fact that I can not run R or Rstudio on my iPad. A possible work around would be to set up a server (probably under Linux), and get the server to present a web page that to would allow me to run R on the server.

I fear that the response so far has been focussing on RStudio when the desire at its minimum was to run interactive R session on an iPad. Why not use an SSH client to connect to a machine that recognizes the security keys?


I think RServe could be the server end, but I do not know how graphics devices would be handled. Maybe just create pdfs on the server? Is there a sendfile function that an SSH client could receive and allow the iPad user to open? I think the stats-rosuda-devel mailing list might be the place to find experienced users of such techniques.


> I have searched the web for a clear, simple answer on how to do this but can not find one. There are answers, but not for someone who has not built a Linux server. Can someone provide either a reference to, or a short explanation of how I can build the server, get R or RStudio to run on it, and get the server and its R or RStudio program available to me on my iPad? I can probably find guidance on how to build an Apache server under Linux.
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