[R] print(cenfit object) to a data.frame

Massimo Bressan mbressan at arpa.veneto.it
Fri Apr 11 08:40:42 CEST 2014

thanks rui, it helps indeed..

at first, I've been trying to data.frame the output of mean (mycenfit) 
by the following:
my.df<-as.data.frame(do.call(rbind, mean(mycenfit)))
and it worked out correctly!

...but because I also needed the information about "n" and "n.cen", 
which are not provided by mean(mycenfit), I had to switch to 
...but unfortunately, print(mycenfit) is not so easy (to me at least) to 

now, I'm looking at a different possible ways to extract the same 
information directly from the object "mycenfit" (S4), which turned out 
to be quite hard (to me again)

any othe possible ideas?


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