[R] ggplot2 and geom_tile

Øystein Godøy o.godoy at met.no
Tue Apr 8 20:39:54 CEST 2014

Dear community,

I have been using ggplot2 for visualisation and I am really impressed by this. 
I do however have a problem that returns when plotting various types of 
spatial datasets as raster images. This is probably due to me not fully 
understanding the package.

When I am plotting images using geom_tile, I sometimes only have small dots in 
the image and at other times I have apparently blank images. On other 
occasions it works nicely without me being able to spot the differences 
between these plot requests nor the underlying data. I am usually plotting 
geophysical information either on a geographical grid (latitude/longitude) or 
on a map projection (normally using proj4 for the projection of data). 

I have tried to play with the position attribute, but without success so far, 
but believe that I suffer from some form of effect from this. I have tried to 
google for information and I have read the manual pages but so far without 
success. Do you have some suggested reading for problems like this? Is the 
problem likely to be related to position?

I apologise for the vague description of the problem.

All the best
Dr. Oystein Godoy
Norwegian Meteorological Institute 
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