[R] {metafor} variance explaination for paired pre-test/posttest

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The standardized mean change using 'change score standardization' is described in this article:

Gibbons, R. D., Hedeker, D. R., & Davis, J. M. (1993). Estimation of effect size from a series of experiments involving paired comparisons. Journal of Educational Statistics, 18(3), 271-279.

For a comparison of the standardized mean change using change versus raw score standardization, see:

Morris, S. B., & DeShon, R. P. (2002). Combining effect size estimates in meta-analysis with repeated measures and independent-groups designs. Psychological Methods, 7(1), 105-125.

Viechtbauer, W. (2007). Approximate confidence intervals for standardized effect sizes in the two-independent and two-dependent samples design. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 32(1), 39-60.

These articles also provide equations for the sampling variance of the standardized mean change. The equation 1/ni + yi^2/(2*ni) is the estimate based on the asymptotic variance of the standardized mean change using change score standardization. 


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> following calculation was given for imputing the variance of change
> scores
> for paired studies:
> // begin quote
> 2) Often, the dependent variable is not the same in each study. Then you
> will have to resort to a standardized outcome measure. There are two
> options:
> a) standardization based on the change score standard deviation
> Then yi = (m1i - m2i) / sdi with sampling variance vi = 1/ni + yi^2 /
> (2*ni).
> // end quote
> I used the sampling variance equation above in a paper that is being
> reviewed by a coauthor, who is a biostatistician.
> He commented that he has never seen this equation for variance before,
> and
> it looks strange to him. To put my knowledge into perspective, I am an
> undergraduate taking my first statistics course. I imputed the t-
> statistic
> from two-sided p-values reported in the paper, and used that to get the
> sdi
> (as in the previous post).
> I consulted the Cochrane Handbook and The Handbook of Research Syntheses
> and
> Meta-analysis 2nd Ed (Cooper, Hedges, Valentine 2009) and couldn't find
> that
> equation anywhere.
> Would Prof. Viechtbauer, or anyone else knowledgeable, mind explaining
> the
> sample variance above? I need to be able to defend my choice of equation.
> Since it's the only method that I found that doesn't rely on a
> correlation
> coefficient (which are not included in the papers), I'd like to be able
> to
> justify it and not redo calculations for 23 studies if possible.
> Thank you very much,
> John
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