[R] R CMD BATCH Unicode

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us
Thu Jun 27 08:45:24 CEST 2013

Well, I admit that I don't mess with this stuff much, but it worked fine for me in a simple test as long as I viewed the output with an editor or console that understood UTF-8, so I dispute your assertion that this is a problem internal to R. (I needed no special arguments to R for it to work either.)
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Ned Harding <ned at alteryx.com> wrote:

>I have no problems with the windows command line.  I don't need any
>Unicode there.  It really is an internal R question because of the way
>R is reading and writing the input and output files.  
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>Just because the subject mentions R doesn't mean it is on topic here.
>This is more related to Windows than R. I recommend studying windows
>documentation for awhile. A quick search turned up a number of
>discussions on the web, including
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>Ned Harding <ned at alteryx.com> wrote:
>>So just to clarify - there is no way to use R CMD BATCH on windows
>>Unicode?  Any advice of how to use R in a batch mode with Unicode 
>>inputs and outputs?
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>>On 25/06/2013 20:35, Ned Harding wrote:
>>> Just to clarify: The encoding didn't come through in the email. 
>>print("éíôåëëåãåâáè") is meant to be a bunch of random greek 
>>In that case the message is likely correct.  You failed to give us the
>>'at a minimum information' required by the posting guide, but you can 
>>only have input scripts in the locale encoding (and there are no UTF-8
>>locales on Windows).  So unless you were in a Greek locale, the 
>>re-encoding should have failed.
>>> Ned.
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>>> Subject: [R] R CMD BATCH Unicode
>>> Hey,
>>> I am looking for some help using Unicode with R CMD BATCH on
>>In particular I would like my input and output files to be UTF-8 
>>encoded.  My command line looks like this:
>>> r CMD BATCH --encoding=UTF-8 in.txt out.txt
>>> in.txt is utf-8 encoded and contains:
>>> print("éíôåëëåãåâáè")
>>> out.txt gets:
>>> + <ERROR: re-encoding failure from encoding 'UTF-8'>
>>> What is the proper way to specify encoding on the command line?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Ned.
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