[R] Fwd: Questions about working with a dataframe

Jacqueline Oehri jacqueline.oehri at gmx.ch
Wed Jun 26 11:18:41 CEST 2013

   Dear Mr. Kane and dear Mr. Winsemius

   Thanks  a lot for your quick answers and good recommendations!!! And I
   apologise for attaching such a big file before!!
   I think I could solve the problem;
   Maybe you can tell me if its right what I have done?

   As  John  said,  the str(WWA) and str(oWWA) gave different outputs for

   > class(WWA$speciesName)
   [1] "character"
   > class(oWWA$speciesName)
   [1] "factor"

   What I did is this:
   > oWWA$speciesName <-as.character(oWWA$speciesName)
   and now I've got:
   > class(oWWA$speciesName)
   [1] "character"
   and the function I wanted to use works well:
   > Sp_per_coordID_oWWA <-tapply((oWWA$speciesName), oWWA$coordID, list)

   -->Question: Do you think I did this right and this didn't mess up the
   structure of the dataset? As far as I can see, I see no problem but I m not
   so experienced as you are!

   Thank you very very much for your answers!!! It helped me a lot!!

   -->second Question: I had problems with using dput(head(WWA)), because I
   think its still too big, so that I m not able to post all the output from
   "dput(head(WWA)))", even when i subsetted it first to only three rows:

   > WWAsubset <-WWA[c(1:3),]
   > dput(head(WWAsubset))

   (see after str(WWA) and str(oWWA)

   'data.frame':  33523 obs. of  14 variables:
   $ coordID            : int  533162 533162 533162 533162 533162 533162 533162
   533162 533162 533162 ...
   $ community          : Factor w/ 1115 levels "Aadorf","Aarau",..: 143 143
   143 143 143 143 143 143 143 143 ...
   $ canton             : Factor w/ 26 levels "AG","AI","AR",..: 23 23 23 23 23
   23 23 23 23 23 ...
   $ BGR                : Factor w/ 6 levels "Alpennordflanke",..: 4 4 4 4 4 4
   4 4 4 4 ...
   $ altitude           : num  565 565 565 565 565 ...
   $ year               : int  2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003
   2003 ...
   $ observer           : Factor w/ 37 levels "","Al-Jabaji Dunia",..: 19 19 19
   19 19 19 19 19 19 19 ...
   $ speciesID          : int  1453 2757 2759 2736 2612 2602 2674 1949 1369
   1641 ...
   $ speciesName        : chr  "Aegopodium podagraria" "Agrostis capillaris"
   "Agrostis stolonifera" "Arrhenatherum elatius" ...
   $ Beschreibung_unbest: Factor w/ 4712 levels ""," ","   ","  -",..: 1 1 1 1
   1 1 1 1 1 1 ...
   $ land_use           : Factor w/ 8 levels "","Aecker","Alpweiden",..: 8 8 8
   8 8 8 8 8 8 8 ...
   $ realcoord_X        : num  533000 533000 533000 533000 533000 533000 533000
   533000 533000 533000 ...
   $ realcoord_Y        : num  162000 162000 162000 162000 162000 162000 162000
   162000 162000 162000 ...
   $  NCCR_land_use       :  chr   "will_be_assigned"  "will_be_assigned"
   "will_be_assigned" "will_be_assigned" ...

   'data.frame':  33523 obs. of  14 variables:
   $ coordID            : int  533162 533162 533162 533162 533162 533162 533162
   533162 533162 533162 ...
   $ community          : Factor w/ 396 levels "Aarburg","Adelboden",..: 51 51
   51 51 51 51 51 51 51 51 ...
   $ canton             : Factor w/ 25 levels "AG","AI","AR",..: 22 22 22 22 22
   22 22 22 22 22 ...
   $ BGR                : Factor w/ 6 levels "Alpennordflanke",..: 4 4 4 4 4 4
   4 4 4 4 ...
   $ altitude           : num  565 565 565 565 565 ...
   $ year               : int  2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003
   2003 ...
   $ observer           : Factor w/ 26 levels "Al-Jabaji Dunia",..: 13 13 13 13
   13 13 13 13 13 13 ...
   $ speciesID          : int  1453 2757 2759 2736 2612 2602 2674 1949 1369
   1641 ...
   $ speciesName        : Factor w/ 886 levels "","Abies alba",..: 18 24 29 84
   124 126 267 360 397 402 ...
   $ Beschreibung_unbest: Factor w/ 1336 levels ""," "," ("," -",..: 1 1 1 1 1
   1 1 1 1 1 ...
   $ land_use           : Factor w/ 2 levels "Alpweiden","Wiesen, Weiden": 2 2
   2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ...
   $ realcoord_X        : int  533000 533000 533000 533000 533000 533000 533000
   533000 533000 533000 ...
   $ realcoord_Y        : int  162000 162000 162000 162000 162000 162000 162000
   162000 162000 162000 ...
   $ NCCR_land_use      : Factor w/ 1 level "will_be_assigned": 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
   1 1 ...

   dWWAsubset <-

   "Cf sempervivum  zierpflanze", "Cf Senecio", "cf Senecio jacobea f petite
   cr\x8enel\x8ee pennatipartite glabre",
       "Cf Senecio jacobea f. longuement petiol\x8ee, ovale cr\x8enel\x8ee
       "cf senecio sp (Fein wirtelige Bl\x8atter)", "cf Senecio vulgaris",
       "cf sepium", "Cf sepium", "cf sepium, avec stipule à glande",
       "cf serpentina", "Cf serpyllifolia", "cf serriola f \x88 \x8epines sur
   nervure dorsale ",
       "cf serrulata", "cf Seseli libanotis fol glauque dessous",
       "cf Sesleria caerulea", "cf Setaria viridis", "cf Sherardia arvensis cf
   Galium molugo agg",
       "Cf sibirica kultiviert", "Cf silaum silaus feuilles tres decoupees pas
   de fleurs",
       "cf Silene dioica", "Cf silene dioica", "Cf Silene dioica",
        "cf  silene  dioica  cf  knautia asteracea? Rosette ", "cf Silene
       "cf Silene nutans", "Cf Silene nutans (pousse v\x8eg\x8etatif)",
       "cf Silene rupestris", "Cf Silene sp ", "cf Silene vulgaris",
       "Cf sinapis", "cf Sinapis arvensis", "cf Sinapis arvensis, +- Keimling",
       "cf Sinapis arvensis, cf Raphanus raphanistrum", "cf Sinapis sp cf
   brassicac\xe9es F roncin\xe9es poilues, vert fonc\xe9  ",
       "cf Sisymbrium austriacum", "Cf Solanum ou Circaea lutetiana",
        "cf Soldanella pusilla", "Cf solidago", "cf Solidago canadensis f
   alternes allong\x8ees en p\x8etiole cili\x8ees \x88 la base",
       "cf Solidago virgaurea", "cf solidago virgaurea  feuiles dentees longu.
   petiolee herbier",
       "cf solidago virgaurea, ev gigantea", "Cf sonchus", "cf sonchus  rosette
   pas piquante",
       "Cf sonchus (winzig)", "Cf Sonchus arvensis. Zu klein", "cf Sonchus sp",
       "cf Sonchus sp f un peu poilue ", "Cf sorbus aria", "Cf Sorbus aria.
       "Cf sorbus aucuparia", "cf Sorbus aucuparia; Zweiblattstadium",
       "cf spadiceum", "Cf sphaerocephalon", "cf spicata", "cf spicatum",
        "Cf spicatum", "Cf spicatum ", "Cf spicatum (bl\x9fht noch nicht,
   knospen erscheinen weiss. In der Umgebg der Fl\x8ache P. Ovatum o. Bl\x9fht
   P. Spic auch manchmal dunk",
       "cf spinosa, f et p\x8etiole poilus", "cf spinosissimum",
       "Cf spinulosa (helle spreuschuppen)", "Cf stachys sylvatica odeur fetide
   f long pet crenelees petiole a long poil etale argente",
       "Cf stellaria graminea", "Cf stellaria med", "cf Stellaria media",
       "cf Stellaria media  noch zu klein-oder cerastium f.", "Cf Stellaria
   media / Moehringia trinervia",
       "Cf stellaria media plantule a 4 f", "cf Stellaria media, tige à poils
   tout autour",
       "cf Stellaria media; s. klein", "Cf sterilis", "cf stolonifera",
       "Cf stolonifera", "Cf stolonifera ", "cf stolonifera  cf capillaris",
       "cf stolonifera (oberird ausl\x8aufer)", "cf stolonifera cf gigantea",
       "cf stolonifera, allerdings nur kleine Ausl\x8aufer", "cf stricta",
        "cf subcoriacea", "cf sudetica", "cf sudetica cf alpina (binz) cf
   campestris agg",
       "cf supina", "Cf supina", "Cf supina (couvre le sentier)",
       "cf supinum", "Cf supinum", "Cf sylva", "cf sylvatica", "Cf sylvatica",
       "Cf sylvatica ", "Cf sylvatica (feuilles larges de 7mm)",
       "Cf sylvatica / arvensis, rosettes ", "cf sylvatica cf decumbens cf
       "cf sylvatica cf pilosa", "cf sylvatica cf pilosa Rem: F. Barbues ,sur
   la souche ",
       "cf sylvaticum", "Cf sylvaticum", "Cf sylvaticum, folioles pubescentes
   avec poils glanduleux rouge",
        "Cf sylvestr.is", "Cf sylvestris (zu klein)", "Cf sylvestris sans
       "Cf sylvestris/hetero pousse", "cf sylvestris/hetero, pousse",
       "cf Tamus communis cf  Maianthemum bifolium f. en coeur lisse",
       "cf Taraxacum", "Cf taraxacum", "Cf Taraxacum od. Leontodon",
       "cf Taraxacum oder crepis aura", "Cf taraxacum off", "Cf Taraxacum off",
       "Cf taraxacum off (pfl-ritze)", "Cf taraxacum off, ev. Auch crepis
   capillaris (winzig)",
       "cf Taraxacum officinale", "Cf taraxacum officinale", "Cf Taraxacum
        "Cf  Taraxacum  officinale  f.  en rosette", "cf Taxus baccata cf
   Metasequoia glyptostroboides ",
        "cf tenuifolia", "cf tetragonum", "Cf tetragonum", "Cf tetragonum
   stigmate en massue calice sans poils glanduleux f sessiles",
       "Cf tetrahit", "cf tetrahit cf bifida", "cf thalii", "cf thapsus",
       "Cf thapsus (rosette)", "cf Thesium/Linum", "cf Thlaspi od. ev.  Fourrea
   alpina , erst 2 cm hoch, bei 2. Aufn. nicht gef.",
       "cf Thlaspi rotundifolia", "Cf thomasiana", "Cf tomentosa",
        "Cf  tomentosa  /  feuilles fines et glaucesente", "Cf torminalis
       "cf trachelium", "Cf trachelium/rapunculoides", "Cf tragopogon",
       "cf Tragopogon pratensis", "cf tragopogon pratensis       ",
       "cf Tragopogon pratensis f lin\x8eaire avec nervure m\x8ediane blanche",
       "cf Tragopogon sp", "cf Tragopogon sp f longue lin\x8eaire obovale,
   nervure centrale blanche longs cils peu nombreux",
       "Cf traunsteinera globosa", "Cf traunsteinera vegetatif",
       "cf Trifolium dubium", "Cf Trifolium dubium", "cf Trifolium pratense",
        "Cf  trifolium pratense", "cf Trifolium repens", "Cf Trifolium sp
   (tr\x8fs petit)",
       "Cf Trifolium sp f \x88 3 folioles", "cf tripleurospermum perforatum",
       "cf Tripleurospermum perforatum", "Cf Tripleurospermum perforatum",
       "cf tripteris", "Cf trisetum flavescens", "Cf Trisetum flavescens",
       "Cf trisetum flavescens  (beh blattscheide) o brachyp pinn",
       "cf Trisetum flavescens cf Bromus hordaceus (pr\x8esent ds la coupe) ou
        "cf  trisetum flavescens et/ou cf bromus hordaceus", "cf Trisetum
   flavescens f poilue  lig courte ~1mm",
       "Cf trisetum flavescens, zu klein,  behaarte blattscheide",
       "Cf Triticale r\x8esurgence d'un culture pr\x8ec\x8edente",
       "cf triticosecale", "cf triticum sp Kultur", "cf Triticum sp kultur
   blattoberseite behaart ",
       "cf Triticum, frisch ausgetrieben", "cf Tritosecale \xe9pillets \xe0
   longues ar",
       "cf trivialis", "Cf trivialis", "cf trivialis cf nemoralis",
       "cf trivialis ligule courte, f avec trace de ski, diff\x8erent de Poa
   annua ",
       "cf trivialis ligule pointue f un peu brillante dessous, traces de ski",
       "cf trivialis, cf pratensis ou autre", "cf trollius europaeus",
       "cf tuberosa", "Cf uliginosum", "Cf ulmus glabra (klein)",
       "Cf umbelliformis", "Cf umbelliformis (vegetatif)", "cf uniflorum",
        "Cf  uniflorum",  "cf  uniflorum, wegen dem Silikat eher nicht C.
       "cf uniflorum/pedunculatum", "cf uniflorus", "Cf uniflorus",
       "cf urbanum", "Cf urbanum", "Cf urbanum (sehr runde vorderlappen)",
       "cf urbanum cf rivulare", "cf urbanum\\rivale, steril", "cf Vaccinium
       "Cf vaccinium vitis idaea", "Cf Valerianella sp", "cf varia",
       "Cf varia (vegetativ)", "Cf varia bzw. sativa s.l.", "cf varia f Glabre
   ligule 1mm gaine pourpres",
       "Cf verbascum", "Cf verbascum nigrum/lychnitis", "Cf verbascum sp.",
       "cf Verbena officinalis, f crénelée un peu obovale", "cf veris",
        "Cf veris", "Cf veris / sterile", "Cf veris cf ela", "cf veris cf
       "Cf veris cf elatior", "Cf veris herbier", "cf verna", "Cf verna",
       "cf verna/orbicularis", "Cf veronica", "cf Veronica arvense, nur vier
   sehr kleine Bl\x8atter",
       "Cf veronica chamaedrys", "cf Veronica fruticans Tige un peu liqneuse
   \x88 la base",
       "Cf veronica hederifolia", "cf Veronica officinalis", "Cf veronica
       "cf Veronica persica", "Cf veronica persica", "Cf veronica serp.",
       "Cf Veronica serpylifolia", "Cf veronica serpyllifolia, gestielt, boden
   anliegend (klein)",
       "Cf veronica sp. B behaart noch sehr klein", "cf Veronica teucrium",
       "cf Veronica urticifolia", "cf veronica urticifolia 1.blattpaar stark
       "cf versicolor", "Cf versicolor", "Cf verticillata", "cf verum",
       "cf verum, f un peu révolutées et fines", "cf vesca cf x magna (jardin)
       "Cf vesicaria", "cf viburnum lantana (10cm)", "cf Vicia hirsuta ",
       "Cf Vicia sativa", "cf Vicia sp cf Lathyrus sp", "Cf villarii",
       "Cf villosa", "Cf villosa ou arundinacea", "Cf villosa pas en fleurs",
       "cf villosa, bei Bl.h. behaart, mit Achsenforts., Gr. gekniet,  wenig l.
   als D.sp",
       "cf villosum", "Cf villosum", "cf villosum ", "Cf villosum / pilosum",
       "Cf villosum 1 rosette st\x8erile", "cf villosum/morisianum",
        "Cf vineale", "Cf viola biflora", "cf Viola calcarata", "cf Viola
       "Cf viola sp", "cf Viola sp cf Campanula sp F longuement p\x8etiol\x8ee
   ovale en coeur ",
       "cf Viola sp f reniforme", "cf Viola tricolor", "cf Viola triolor",
       "cf violacea", "Cf violacea", "cf violacea/halleri vegetatif",
       "Cf violacea/rubra (les 2 sp?)", "Cf viridis", "cf vulgaris",
       "Cf vulgaris", "cf vulgaris sind das die rosen?", "cf waldsteiniana",
        "cf  walleriana", "Cf x chenaultii", "cf x intermedia f en coeur,
   bract\x8ees tr\x8fs courtes et pas toujours pr\x8esentes",
       "Cf xylosteum", "Cf-officinalis", "Cf-ovina", "cf.", "Cf.",
       "cf.  alpina", "Cf.  Draba; mit Sternhaaren an ovalen, ganzrandigen
       "cf. Acer pseudoplatanus, Juv.", "cf. acetosa", "cf. aconitifolium, ev.
       "cf. aconitifolius ou platanifolius", "Cf. Acris b. Behaart",
       "Cf. acris evtl. repens junge pfl", "cf. acuminata", "cf. Adoxa od.
       "Cf. Agropyron caninum", "Cf. Agrostis", "Cf. Agrostis alpina",
       "Cf. Agrostis capillaris", "Cf. Agrostis rupestris", "cf. Agrostis sp.",
       "cf. Agrostis stolonifera", "cf. alectorolophus", "Cf. Alectorolophus",
       "cf. Alopecurus pratensis", "Cf. Alopecurus pratensis", "Cf. Alpestre",
       "Cf. alpestre; zwischen grossen felsen", "cf. alpestris ou acetosa",
       "Cf. alpina", "Cf. Alpina", "cf. alpinum", "Cf. alpinum",
       "cf. angustifolia", "cf. anisophyllon", "Cf. anisophyllon",
       "Cf. anisophyllum od. mollugo agg.", "Cf. anisophylum", "cf. annua",
        "cf.  Anthoxantum",  "cf. Anthriscus sylvestris", "cf. Anthriscus
   sylvestris juv.",
       "cf. Apiaceae, 1 feuille jeune (10 cm)", "Cf. appendiculata",
       "cf. Arabis", "Cf. Arabis hirsuta", "Cf. Arrhenatherum",
       "cf. arundinacea", "Cf. arundinacea", "Cf. Arvense", "cf. arvensis",
       "cf. Arvensis", "Cf. arvensis", "cf. asper", "Cf. asper",
       "cf. asper juv.", "Cf. aster bellidiastrum", "Cf. Astragalus",
       "Cf. Athyrium", "cf. Athyrium f.f.", "cf. Athyrium, petite",
       "cf. aureum ou hirsutum", "cf. australis", "Cf. Aviculare",
       "cf. avium", "Cf. Avium", "cf. Avium, Jungpfl. 5cm", "Cf. Badium",
       "Cf. benekenii", "cf. berchtoldii", "cf. Beta vulgaris",
       "cf. betonicifolium", "Cf. Betonicifolium", "cf. biennis",
       "cf. biennis, borstig behaart", "cf. Biscutella laevigata",
        "cf. blitum", "Cf. Blitum", "Cf. Brachypodium", "cf. Brachypodium
       "Cf. brachypodium sylvaticum", "Cf. Brachypodium sylvaticum",
       "Cf. Brauneana ....", "cf. brauneana trifoliee poilue", "Cf. brizoides
   od. remota",
        "Cf.  Bromus",  "cf. Bromus hordaceus St. behaart", "cf. Buddleja
       "Cf. Caerulea", "Cf. Calamagrostis", "Cf. campanula", "Cf. campanula
       "cf. campanulaceae, herzf b mit weissem zahn, kurzbewimpert, b spatelf",
       "Cf. Campestre oder malva", "cf. campestre, juv., Keimblaetter und 2
       "cf. campestris/spicata", "cf. canadensis", "cf. canescens",
       "cf. canina", "Cf. canina", "cf. canina aggr.", "cf. canina juv. ,
   jedoch gerade stacheln",
       "cf. canina s.l", "cf. canina s.l.", "cf. capillaris", "cf. capillaris
   ou stolonifera",
       "Cf. caprea", "cf. caprea od. cinerea", "Cf. Capsella", "Cf. Cardamine",
       "Cf. Cardus defloratus", "Cf. Carduus/Cirsium (noch sehr klein)",
       "cf. Carex ericetorum ", "cf. Carpinus betulus ou Ostrya carpinifolia",
       "cf. carthusiana", "cf. Carthusiana", "Cf. carthusiana",
       "Cf. Carthusiana", "Cf. Carthusianorum", "Cf. Carum carvi , feuilles
   glabres, kein Anthriscus",
        "cf.  Caryophyllaceae  a  feuilles  oppos\x8ees,  poilue.",  "cf.
       "Cf. Caryophyllea", "Cf. catharticus", "cf. Centaurea; F. subenti\x8fres
       "Cf. Cephalantera", "Cf. Cephalanthera", "cf. cerasifera juv.",
       "cf. cespitosa", "cf. chaixii", "Cf. chenopodium / atriplex, kleine
       "cf. Ciliata", "cf. Ciliata oder ...", "Cf. cinerea", "Cf. Cinerea o.
         "Cf.  Cirsium  spinosissimum",  "Cf.  clinopodium  vulg.",  "cf.
       "Cf. Coeloglossum viride", "cf. collina", "cf. columbaria",
       "cf. columbinum", "cf. convolvulus", "cf. Conyza canadensis",
       "cf. conyzifolia ou Hipochaeris uniflora?", "Cf. cordata",
       "Cf. corylus", "cf. Cotyledon", "cf. Crepis aurea", "Cf. Crepis aurea",
       "Cf. Crepis oder Picris", "Cf. Crepis paludosa", "Cf. Crepis. 2 Blueten.
   Blaetter wie Taraxacum",
       "Cf. Cynosurus cristatus", "Cf. cystopteris fragilis, knapp innerhalb
   der af",
       "Cf. Dactylorhiza sp. B gefleckt.", "cf. dammeri", "cf. decumbens",
       "cf. Digitaria sanguinalis", "cf. digitata", "Cf. digitata",
        "Cf. Digitata", "Cf. dilatata", "Cf. Dilatata", "Cf. dilatata od.
        "cf.  dissectum",  "cf.  distentifolium",  "cf. distentifolium ou
       "cf. distentifolium, immature", "Cf. divaricata", "Cf. dryopteris",
       "Cf. Dryopteris", "Cf. dryopteris dilatata", "Cf. dryopteris f. - m.",
       "cf. dubium", "cf. Dulcis. Druesen rot/rund", "cf. dyopteris felix-mas",
       "Cf. Echinata", "Cf. Echinochloa", "cf. effusus /conglomeratus juv.",
       "cf. elatior", "Cf. elatior", "Cf. Elatior", "Cf. erectus",
       "cf. Erigeron oder Centaurea jacea.", "Cf. euonymus europaea",
       "Cf. exscapa", "Cf. festuca altissima", "Cf. festuca gigantea",
       "Cf. Festuca halleri oder Agrostis", "cf. Festuca rubra",
       "Cf. Festuca rubra", "cf. Festuca rubra, juv.", "cf. feuille petites,
   plante non bien d\x8evelopp\x8ee",
       "cf. feuilles encore trop jeune", "cf. feuilles oppos\x8ees, poilues et
       "cf. feuilles poilues de type pilosella", "cf. filiformis",
       "cf. filiformis juvenil", "Cf. Filiformis veg", "cf. filix-femina",
       "Cf. filix-mas", "Cf. Flaeche ungemein trocken", "cf. flexuosa",
       "cf. fontana", "cf. fontana ou corniculata", "cf. fontanum",
        "Cf. fontanum", "cf. fontanum subsp. vulgare", "Cf. fragilis s.l.
       "Cf. Frangula", "Cf. frangula alnus od. rhamnus", "Cf. Galeobdolon",
       "Cf. Galeopsis", "cf. Galeopsis ladanum", "cf. Galeopsis tetrahit",
       "cf. gaudinii ou latifolium", "cf. gigantea", "Cf. Gigantea",
       "cf. gigantea /canadensis juv.", "cf. glomeratum", "Cf. Glomeratum",
        "Cf. Glyceria", "Cf. Graminea", "Cf. Gymnadenia", "cf. Helianthus
       "cf. helveticum 1 seule feuille minuscule", "cf. heterophylla",
       "cf. Hieracium murorum aggr.", "Cf. Hipocrepis comosa", "cf. hirsuta",
       "cf. hirsuta ", "Cf. hirsuta od. pratensis", "Cf. hirsutum",
       "cf. holosteoides", "cf. hoppeanum", "cf. hoppeanum ev. H. pilosella",
       "Cf. Hordelymus europaeus", "cf. hostiana", "cf. humilis mais assez
       "Cf. Hybridum", "cf. Hypochoeris radicata", "Cf. ideaus",
       "cf. impatiens  ", "cf. incana ou glutinosa, je pensais la revoir plus
       "cf. Iris", "cf. ischaemum", "cf. je dirai encore aquilegiifolium mais
   les feuilles sont trop petites.",
       "cf. Juncus tenuis", "cf. KK, petite touffe dans une zone perturb\x8ee",
       "cf. lactucella", "Cf. laevigata", "cf. laevigata, spec.",
       "Cf. Lamium galeoptolon", "cf. latifolium", "cf. Leontodon helveticus",
       "Cf. leontodon helveticus", "cf. leontodon ou taraxacum",
       "cf. Leptoceras", "Cf. liguliflorae, leicht fiedert st.b.",
       "cf. Liguliflorae, steife b, rosette eng am boden, herbar",
       "Cf. ligusticum", "Cf. Ligusticum", "Cf. Ligusticum mutellina",
       "Cf. Lilia evtl. Muscari", "Cf. liliaceae b. fleischig 6mm ",
       "Cf. listera ovata, rtg. sued, eher aussen", "cf. locusta",
       "Cf. Lolium perenne", "Cf. lonicera  sp.", "Cf. Lucida",
       "cf. lupulina. Petite mais en tout cas pas Melilotus", "Cf. Luzuloides",
       "cf. macrorrhizum", "Cf. maculata", "Cf. Maculata", "Cf. maculatum",
       "cf. maculatum s.str.", "cf. mais assez sur", "cf. maxima",
       "Cf. minor", "cf. minus", "Cf. moeringia trinerva", "Cf. monogyna",
       "Cf. Mont-tetr", "Cf. montana", "Cf. Montana", "Cf. Montana od. Tript.",
       "cf. montanum", "Cf. montanum", "Cf. Montanum", "Cf. montanum. Auf
       "cf. montanus", "cf. montanus, 3-teilige b, rtg. w", "Cf. mougeotii",
       "Cf. Multif. Oder Festuca prat.", "Cf. Muricata abgemaeht",
       "cf. muricata, herbar", "cf. murorum", "cf. mutellinoides",
       "Cf. napus", "cf. nemoralis", "Cf. nemoralis", "cf. nemorosa",
       "Cf. nemorosus", "cf. neumanniana", "Cf. nigra", "Cf. Nivalis",
       "cf. nutans 2 seules feuilles", "cf. obscura", "cf. odorata",
       "Cf. odorata", "Cf. Odorata/riviniana", "Cf. Officinale",
       "cf. officinalis", "cf. oleraceum", "cf. oleraceus", "cf. ornithopoda",
       "Cf. Ornitopoda", "cf. Ostrya carpinifolia", "cf. ou multiflora",
       "Cf. Ovata", "Cf. ovatum", "cf. ovina", "Cf. ovina", "Cf. padus",
       "Cf. Panicea/flacca", "cf. paniculata", "cf. parviflorum",
        "Cf.  perforatum",  "cf.  perforatum,  tr\x8fs jeune, encore sans
       "Cf. Persica", "cf. personata", "cf. petraeus", "Cf. petrea",
       "cf. Peucedanum ostrhuthium", "Cf. Phleum", "Cf. Phleum pratensis",
       "cf. pilosella", "cf. pilosella ou hoppeanum", "cf. pilulifera",
       "cf. pilulifera ou similaires, rosettes tr\x8fs petites",
       "Cf. platanifolius", "Cf. Platanoides, 2 Arten also", "cf. platanoides,
       "Cf. Platanthera", "cf. Plathanthera, 2 schmale Blaetter",
       "cf. platypyllos jungpfl. mit 3 blaettern", "Cf. Poa chaixii",
        "Cf.  Poa hybrida oder P.  Remota", "cf. Poa nemoralis", "Cf. Poa
       "Cf. Poa od. Agropyron", "Cf. poa, ev. laxa, sehr jung",
       "Cf. Poligonatum multiflorum", "cf. Polypodium vulgare, petite",
       "cf. polyspermum", "cf. portenschlagiana", "Cf. pratense",
       "cf. pratense ", "cf. pratensis", "cf. Pratensis", "Cf. Pratensis",
       "cf. pratensis juv.", "cf. pratensis, \x85hrchen kahl, \x80hrchen ohne
        "Cf.  pratensis,  hangwaerts  in  salix",  "cf. procumbens", "cf.
        "cf.  pseudoplatanus  juv.", "Cf. Pseudorchis", "cf. pubescens ou
        "cf.  pumilum",  "cf.  pumilum ev. anisophyllon", "cf. pumilum ou
       "cf. pumilum ou rotundifolium", "cf. pumilum. Poils sous la base des
       "cf. purpurea", "cf. pusilla", "Cf. pusilla, knapp innerhalb af",
       "cf. pusillum /molle", "Cf. Pyrenaicum", "cf. Quercus pubescens. Sans
       "cf. rapunculus", "cf. reichenbachiana", "Cf. reichenbachiana",
       "Cf. reichenbachiana juv.", "cf. reichenbachiana ou canina",
        "cf. Remota", "cf. repens", "cf. repens juv.", "cf. rhaeticum, f.
   dent\x8ees au bord",
       "Cf. Rhoeas", "Cf. rivale", "cf. riviniana", "cf. riviniana. Pas tr\x8fs
   sur mais presque",
       "cf. robur", "Cf. robur", "Cf. Robur", "Cf. robur jung",
       "Cf. robur Jungpfl.", "Cf. robur jungpflanze", "Cf. robur Jungpflanze",
       "Cf. robur jungwuchs", "cf. robur, petit", "Cf. robur. sehr klein",
       "cf. rosaceae", "cf. roseum", "Cf. Rostkoviana", "Cf. Rot. 2 behaarte
       "Cf. Rotundifolia", "cf. rubra", "cf. Rubus idaeus", "Cf. rupestris",
       "cf. Salicifolius Strauch kultiviert", "Cf. sanguinea od. obtusifolius",
       "cf. sativa", "Cf. saxatilis", "cf. Saxifraga aizoides; Sedum-aehnliche
       "Cf. Scheuchzeri", "Cf. Schrad", "Cf. Scorpioides/nemo.",
       "cf. sempervirens", "Cf. Sempervirens", "cf. senecio vulgaris, fiedert
       "cf. sepium", "cf. sepium, evtl. angustifolia, juv.", "Cf. Sesleria",
       "Cf. sesleria caerulea", "Cf. Setaria", "cf. sibirica", "Cf. Silene
        "Cf.  Silene nutans aber die Blaetter sind gestielt", "cf. Silene
       "Cf. silene vulgaris", "Cf. Spic gedr\x8angte \x8ahren",
       "cf. spicatum", "Cf. spicatum", "cf. spurium", "Cf. stachys sylv. ?",
       "Cf. stellaria media", "Cf. Stellaria media", "cf. Stellaria media
       "cf. stolonifera", "Cf. stolonifera", "Cf. Stolonifera",
       "Cf. Subcor", "cf. supina", "cf. supina o annua", "Cf. supinum",
       "Cf. Supinum", "cf. sylvatica", "Cf. sylvatica", "Cf. Sylvatica",
       "cf. sylvaticum", "Cf. sylvaticum", "cf. sylvestris", "Cf. taraxacum",
       "Cf. Taraxacum", "Cf. Taraxacum off", "cf. thalii", "Cf. Thapsus",
       "cf. thlaspi montanum od. perfoliatum", "cf. tr\x8fs petite mais il y a
   des asperula taurina \x88 10 m\x8ftres",
       "cf. trachelium", "Cf. Trisetum", "cf. trivialis", "cf. tuberosus",
       "cf. varia", "cf. Varia", "Cf. veris od.  elatior", "cf. veris s.str.",
       "Cf. Veronica montana", "cf. versicolor", "Cf. Vicia zart mit Endranke",
       "cf. villarsii", "cf. villosa", "cf. villosa ou ev. arundinacea",
       "cf. villosa, habitus different de l'autre, elle y est aussi dans les
       "cf. violacea", "cf. violacea aggr.", "Cf. Viridis", "cf. vulgaris",
       "Cf., B. Ganz", "Cf., B. Lederig", "cf., gegenst. B.", "cf., stolons pas
   trop clairs",
       "cf., verdrehte B.", "cf., vergilbt", "Cf.. Clematis", "Cf.calamagrostis
       "Cf.elatior", "Cf.nigra", "Cf.obscura", "Cf.stolonifera",
        "Cfl  pendulina",  "chamaebuxus", "chamaebuxus petit ligneux sous
       "Chamaedrys", "Chamomille", "Champ d orge", "cheiri, gartenform",
       "Chenopodiaceae", "chenopodiacee ou polygonacee cf Rumex sp",
       "Chl bif", "Cirsium od. Sonchus. Zu klein", "Cirsium ole oder Carduus",
       "clinopodium vulgare", "Clusii / acaulis, steife b", "Coeloglossum /
       "Columb./dissectum", "communis", "Communis", "Compositablatt",
       "Cones petits", "Conyza canadensis", "Conyza canadensis oder Erigeron
       "Cornus spec. evtl verwilderte c. alba pfl. nur mit zwei kl. blaettern",
       "Cotyl\x8edones + 2 feuilles", "Cotyledon", "crantzii", "Crepis aurea",
       "Crepis biennis", "Crepis od. Taraxacum", "Crocus", "Cult",
       "cult.", "Cult.", "Cult. Bette a tondre jaune", "cultiv\x8e",
       "Cultiv\x8e", "cultiv\x8e probablement L. vulgare", "cultiv\x8ee",
       "cultivar", "Cultivar a f panachess", "cultivar sp.", "cultivar, avec
   ligne claire au milieu de la feuille. sp.",
       "cultivar, bleu", "cultivar, diff. variet\x8es", "cultivar, feuilles
       "cultivar, jaune", "cultivar, peut-\x90tre narcissus ou similaire",
       "Cultive", "Cultivé", "Cultive ", "Cultivee", "cultivee ",
        "Cultivee  ",  "culture", "Culture", "culture actuelle", "Culture
       "Culture de cette ann\xe9e", "Culture principale", "Culture principale
       "Cynosurus cristatus", "Dact. od. Orchis. B. gefleckt.",
       "Dactylorhiza mac (1 K\xfcmmerblatt)", "dalmaticum", "Dans les dalles f
   opp poilues",
       "Das andere", "dasyphyllum/atratum", "Datenvalidierung: als Allium
   sphaerocephalon bestimmt (unklar)",
       "Datenvalidierung: als Dipsacus fullonum bestimmt (evtl. falsch)",
       "Datenvalidierung: als Galium boreale bestimmt (unklar)",
       "Datenvalidierung: als Sedum alpestre bestimmt (unklar)",
       "Deux feuilles", "Deux petites feuilles ", "deux petites feuilles non
   retrouv\x8ees, cf. officinale aggr.",
       "Dgr\x9fn. schmale b, wie ornithopoda", "Dicht behaart mit einfachen
   Haaren. Ev. auch Myosotis spec.",
        "Dichte Polster von gelbgr\x9fnen gl\x8anzenden Borstbl\x8attern,
   violette Blattscheiden",
       "Dicke b aizon bifolia? Thlaspi rotundifol", "Die roten",
       "Digitalis Gartenform rosa", "Digitaria oder Setaria", "Dil. Od. Cart.
   Schuppen gleichm. Braun",
       "dilatata oder expansa", "dilatata/carthusiana.  Sehr klein. Unter
       "Dinkel", "dioica", "disegno... V\x8erif., cf. potentilla erecta?",
       "Diss-col", "Distelartige b, ev. sonchus; richtung westtanne aussen",
       "Distelblatt", "Distelblatt kraeftige gelbe Randstacheln",
       "Distelblatt, US +- weissfilzig, ungeteilt; Art in naeherer Umgebung
       "Disticha", "Domestica", "Dr\x9fsig", "Drei verschiedene cultivar",
       "Druesenlos", "Dryopteris f. m.", "Dryopteris filix-mas",
       "dtl. Blattoehrchen, diese kahl. Blatt-US glatt, glaenzend, OS dtl. fein
   gerieft. Alternative: Festuca pratensis",
       "dubia", "Dulcis ou verrucosa", "Dunkelgr\x9fn ledrig behaart leicht
       "Durch gift gesch\x8adigt, cf Acer pseudoplatanus", "Durchwuchs",
       "E. cf montanum. 3wirtelig Zu klein", "Ecorce grise plante",
       "effusus/filiformis", "eher feine, lange Bl\x8atter, glauc, Scheiden
        "Ein Blatt, unter junger flacher Fichte", "Ein hochblatt gezackte
       "einfach gefiedert, aber noch sehr jung", "Einige Bl\x8atter, ev. V.
   canina s.l.",
       "Einzelblatt, klein; cf Aquilegia atrata", "Einzelne Rosettenbl\x8a. wie
   Carex ericetorum. Blattscheiden rotbraun wenig faserig",
       "Elata / nigra", "elatior oder veris", "Elatius", "En germination f.
   ovale pointue dentee cf prunus cf frax ",
       "Encore tr\x8fs jeune.", "Endresii", "Entre les dalles",
       "Entwede sorbus auc oder frax (auf stumpf, winzig)", "entweder breites
   Agrostis oder Calamagrostis",
        "Epilobium",  "Epilobium. Sehr klein", "Ericetorum ohne gr\x9fnen
       "Erigeron/Aster sp", "Erst junge Triebe, Blattscheiden etwas behaart",
        "erste, s. kleine Blaetter, wie Cerastium aber kahl; cf Stellaria
       "esculentum", "esp\x8fce ornamentale", "Esp\x8fce plant\x8ee",
       "etwas spitz/grannig, druesenlos", "Euphrasia / Rhinanthus sp",
       "Ev Agropyron. Bh nicht kurz genug", "Ev alopecurus prat",
       "Ev Alopecurus. Nur vegetativ", "Ev Anthoxanthum. Zu klein",
       "Ev calamagrostis varia (zu mickrig)", "Ev capsella b-p (zu klein)",
       "ev caryophyllea, herbar", "Ev cerastium", "ev cynosurus",
       "ev cystopteris, verm aber junger dryopteris", "ev Kleiner oreopteris
       "Ev lamium purpureum (zu klein)", "Ev Malva. Zu klein, vor Bank",
       "Ev nelke", "Ev pallescens", "Ev Panicum. Abst beh. Mit Bh lang. Blst
   wie Digit. ",
       "Ev poa trivialis (zu klein)", "Ev Sonchus. Zu klein", "Ev. Alopecurus.
   Zu klein",
       "Ev. arrhenatherum", "Ev. Arum od. Allium urs.", "ev. auch ornithpoda",
       "Ev. auch Poa trivialis", "Ev. C. muricata.", "ev. chenopodium",
       "Ev. Fallopia", "ev. Gartenform", "ev. Hordelymus europaeus oder Milium
       "Ev. Medicago-klein gelb", "Ev. Setaria. Zu klein", "Ev. Valeriana
   tripteris o mycelis muralis",
       "evt. auch Bastard mit A. canina. an den knoten wurzelnd, rel. kurzes
       "evt. auch colchicum", "evt. auch F. violacea", "evt. Conyza",
       "evt. Glechoma hed. Oder lamium gal., evt auch efeu", "Evt. Iris. 3
   kantiger stiel",
       "evt. prenanthes purpurea", "Evtl Kulturpflanze", "evtl. Eingabefehler
   CORA statt CROA",
       "evtl. kirsche", "evtl. P. integrifolia x latifolia (nach K. Koenig)",
       "Evtl. Setaria spec.", "Existe dans le secteur  i", "Exotique",
       "extrem klein, cf mollugo", "F", "F . glabres", "f à bords poilus",
       "F a double pli", "F a poils sur face sup vert un peu bleute entre les
       "F alterne ovale enti\x8fre \x8eventuellement petit arbre",
       "F alterne un peu dent\x8ee, glauque pruineuse dessous",
       "F assez longue, plane, ligule tr\x8fs courte, cf Agrostis capillaris",
       "F av qgs dents espacees", "F avec poils epars sous le limbe mais pas
       "F avec qqs epines", "F bleu gris plt tapissante", "F bleutees dessous
       "F c\xf6mposees", "F canaliculees brillantes longues av epaulettes ",
       "F dent\x8ee attenu\x8ee vert fonc\x8e", "F dent\x8ee ovale alterne un
   peu glauque dessous",
        "F  dent\x8ee  p\x8etiol\x8ee", "F dent\x8ee, bord\x8ee de rouge,
   p\x8etiole court, stipule ",
       "f en coeur", "F en coeur poilue, p\x8etiol\x8ee", "F en cœur sans
   stipule, pas viola mais y ressemble",
       "f en coeur, crénelée, glabre \vpas Glechoma hederacea",
       "F en rosette basale cf Sonchus sp f \x88 bords un peu ondul\x8es face
   sup poilue ",
        "F enti\x8fre ronde att\x8enu\x8ee en p\x8etiole   ", "F entieres
   allongees long petiole poils simples",
       "F genre Apiaceae ou Fumaria", "F genre Matricaria f genre Achillea",
       "F genre Taraxacum, mais poilue", "F glabres trilobees",
       "F glauques", "F lin\x8eaire glauque verticilli\x8ee par 4",
       "F opp dentees en scie prouient psut etre des plants jetes dans la
   decharge yoisine",
        "F  oppos  glabres entieres", "F oppos\x8ees poilues (cf Lonicera
       "F opposee decuss\x8ee un peu ronde", "F ovale \x88 bord entier cf Buxus
       "F p\x8etiolee poilues un peu d\x8ecoup\x8ee", "F palmatilob\x8ee pl
   tr\x8fs petite",
       "F petite ronde cr\x8enel\x8ee petiole poilu", "F petite spatul\x8ee
        "F petite, poilue ronde p\x8etiol\x8ee ", "F petites", "F petites
   opposee poilues entieres tige ramifiee",
        "F  poilue, fol dent\xe9es sessiles cf Pimpinella sp cf Pastinaca
       "f poilues dent\x8ees, un peu en coeur \x88 la base", "f poilues sans
   glandes, ligule courte un peu laciniée",
       "F pointue longuement p\x8etiol\x8ee enti\x8fre ", "f raiche poilue,
   ovale pointue comme pulmunaria, mais plus petite.",
       "F s\x8etac\x8ee, ligule ~0.5 mm", "F sétacée glabre, cf Festuca rubra",
       "F sillonnée, sans oreillette, ligule tronquée, ~1mm,",
       "f subcylindrique fistuleuse", "f tr\x8fs fine, cireuse, stolons, cf
   Festuca rubra",
       "F très fine sétacée, poilues", "F tres poilues", "F un peu brillante
   dessous striee lig tres courte pas d'oreill cf cyn cris ",
       "F un peu comme poiystichum probabl exotique", "F unique un peu ronde",
       "f vert clair poilues", "F.", "f. 4-5 mm de large", "F. dent\x8ees
   poilues ressemble \x88 un petit lamium",
       "f. fines, semblable \x88 Festuca mais scl\x8erenchyme qui traverse
   (microphotographie faite)",
       "F. oppos\x8ee-d\x8ecuss\x8ee,  lin\x8eaire-lanceol\x8ee, glabre tige
       "f. ovales en rosette", "F. Petiole crenelee dentee f. Alterne glauque
   pruineuse dessous",
       "F. petite, forme comme Acer pseudoplatanus, mais p\x8etiole poilu, lobe
       "F. Plate mais carenee ligule 1-2mm", "F. poilue grande rude",
       "F. Poilues", "f. poilues plus ou moin cord\x8ees", "f. rhomboidale
   allong\x8ee, glauque dessous, glabre",
       "F. rugueuses \x88 poils rudes, ressemblant \x88 celles de Cynoglossum
   officilale (tr\x8fs poilues) mais je doute que c'est cette esp\x8fce...",
       "f. sans glandes mais pas E. pilosa. Probablement E. barrelieri...",
       "F. Tachees de noir", "Fabaceae", "Fast ganzrandiges blatt, breitbl.
   Behaart, graublau",
       "Fast rund, kahl, sehr d\x9fnner langer Blattstiel", "fast tot",
       "Fein", "Fein get,  dilatata / expansa", "fein geteilte b",
       "fein niederliegend", "fein, cf Avenella flexuosa ", "Fein, glauk",
       "fein, Jungpflanzen", "fein, mit kurzem B.htch", "fein, mit rauhem
       "Feine Borstenbl\x8atter, in Rasenansaat", "Feine gefaltete b",
       "Feine Grasscheiden", "Feine Luzula, nur Blattrosette, ev. auch junge
   Luzula sylvatica",
       "feine Rispe, aber Blattscheide  kahl", "Feine rollblaetter, cf festuca
        "Feines  Gras,  Blattscheiden  locker behaart", "Felicite (zucht)
        "ferruginea/sempervirens", "Festuca cf violacea feuilles fines et
        "Festuca  halleri",  "festuca  prat  o  lolium multifl", "Festuca
   pratense/Lolium multiflorum, Blatt gerollt, Oehrch. glaenzend",
       "Festuca pratensis (klein)", "Festuca pratensis od. Lolium multiflorum",
       "Festuca pratensis oder Lolium multiflorum", "Festuca violacea",
       "feuillage panache", "Feuille palmatilobee a lobes arrondis",
       "Feuilles", "feuilles \x88 nervation parall\x8fle, bord entier, \xb1
       "Feuilles au printemps fruit en aout ", "Feuilles bas du releve",
       "Feuilles brillantes fleurs jaunes et oranges", "Feuilles en rosettes
       "feuilles en W", "Feuilles env. 4 mm de large, ligule 1 mm",
       "Feuilles glabres", "Feuilles larges", "feuilles petites",
       "Feuilles peu poilues", "Feuilles poilues", "Feuilles poilues dessous
       "Feuilles poilues en surface avec oreillettee", "Feuilles ressembant a
   crataegus mais tres petites cultivee",
       "Feuilles sans restes de fleurs ni fruits", "feuilles tr\x8fs fines, 3
   vaisseaux, sclerenchime continu: probablement F. duriuscula auct.",
       "feuilles vert fonc\x8e, poilues, cord\x8ees", "Feuilles vert fonce tres
   repandu dans le qazon",
       "Ff. brassicaceae", "filiformis/persica", "Filix-femina",
        "filix-mas",  "Filzige  B,  grosse rosette, B gesam", "flach, mit
   Kahnspitze, gefaltet ",
       "Flache BS", "Fleischige B., behaarte Blattguende", "Fleurs jaunes",
       "flexuosa", "foglie piccole scure coriacee", "fontana/dillenii",
        "fontaneum?",  "Fontanum",  "Forme  a  inflo atrophiee verific au
        "Forsythia  x  intermedia",  "Fragaria sp. Gartenform", "Fraxinus
       "Fraxinus exelsior, zwei keimbl. und zwei weitere kleine blaetter",
       "frisch angesaetes Getreide, scheint eher nicht Hordeum zu sein",
       "Fruit non charnu, stolons", "Fuchsii", "Futterr\x9fbe",
       "Gaine aplat'e", "Gaine aplatie", "Gaines aplatiee", "Gaines poilues et
   f comme deschampsia",
        "gaines poilues ligule tr\x8fs courte jeune F enroul\x8ee er sans
       "gaines poilues, ligule et oreillettes! cf. Brachypodium sp.",
       "Galanthus nivalis", "galeobdolon", "Galeopsis od. Lamium. Zu klein.",
       "Galium sp; vierblaettrig, unter Baumstanm", "Ganz jung",
       "ganz kleines B.", "Garten-variante", "Gartenart", "Gartenexot",
       "gartenform", "Gartenform", "Gartenform?", "Gartenpflanze",
        "Gartenpflanze,  vermutl. blaubl\x9fhend", "Gartensaat", "Gattung
       "Gebüsch sp, cf Prunus", "Gedrehtes B cf alopecurus pratensis",
       "Gefleckte B. , cf dactyllhoriza maculata", "gefleckte Blaetter",
        "Gefleckte  Orchideenblaetter",  "Gefleckter  Stengel.  Gaenzlich
       "Gegenst b, bl einzeln in b.achseln, cf serpyllifolia / peregrina ",
       "Gegenst ganzr b, behaart, knapp unterhalb knappdraussen-fraxinus, an
       "Gegenst, runder St", "Gegenst\x8andig, gekerbt, evt.  Veronica",
        "Gegenstaendige  ganzrandige ovale blaetter, aber nicht Saxifraga
       "Gekerbter blattrand, cf campanula", "genipi", "genre chamomille",
        "Gentiana  2",  "geoehrt  und  behaart", "gepflanzt", "Gepflanzt,
       "Gepflanzt, nicht einheimisch", "Gepresst", "germanica",
       "Gerollt geoehrt behaart", "Gerollt, kahl,,,", "gerollte b",
       "Gerste", "Gespritzt. Entweder k\x9fmmerliche Capsella bursa-pastoris
   oder Cerastium fontanum.",
       "Getreide angebaut", "Getreide? Zu klein", "Gez\x8ahnt, evt. ranunculus
       "Gezahnte B 1.7m richtung hochspannungsmast", "Glabre f larges 4mm",
       "Glabre ligule pas d oreillettes", "glabre, cf. canina aggr., sans
        "Glandulifera  (s.  Klein)",  "glauc,  mit  kr\x8aftiger  Ligula,
   breitbl\x8attrig, \x8ahnlich Dactylis, aber +- rund",
        "glauca var conica", "Glauque \x88 oreilettes poilues", "Glechoma
        "Glechoma  hederacea",  "Glechoma.  Sehr klein", "globularifolium
       "Glyceria fluitans s.l.", "gr\x9aber, Bl\x8atter und v.a. Blattscheide
   dicht kurz weich behaart, Ligula 0,5 mm",
       "Gr\x9fner stiel, oder junge D. Filix-mas, an der tanne vis a vis AFZ",
       "Graines germees", "Grande oreillette poilue ligule 2mm tronqu\x8ee
   blanche cf Triticum aestivum",
       "Grande sans spores", "Gras mit borstenfoermigen Blaettern",
       "Gras mit kz, behaarten Bl\xe4ttern; wenig Expl.", "Gras zu jung",
        "Gras,  etwas  blaugr\x9fn,  kahl, rel. breite Bl\x8atter, langes
        "Grasartige Blaetter, blauviolettgruen, etwas steif", "Grasartige
   Blaetter, etwas blaugruen, US bereift",
       "Grasige, kurze, leicht gekruemmte Blaetter - cf. Minuartia recurva /
       "Grasscheiden kurz, abgefressen", "Groessere Aerchen, Auslaeufer",
       "Gross", "Gross. Nur vegetativ", "Grossbl\x8attrig", "Grossblaetterig,
   laenglich  verkehrt eifoermig, v.a. auf Hauptnerv US behaart; ev. auch
   Hypochaeris uniflora",
       "grossbluetig", "grossbluetig, druesenlos; cf alpina", "Grosse b, nur
   auf nerven behaart, cf sylvaticum",
       "grosse B. \x8ahnl. Chae. hirs. aber feiner", "Grosse Blattrosetten, ev.
   auchvon Gartenpflanze",
       "Grosse ganzrandige dunkelgruene blaetter", "Grosse, ganzr. b, stark und
   weich behaart, einfache haare; gegenst",
       "Grosses, untypisches Blatt", "Grundst b borstenf\x9armig, cf avenella",
       "Grundst b spatelf, herbar", "Grundst b.rosette, einf haare, teils
   leicht gez, cf. asteraceae, ev. erigeron",
       "Grundstaendige Blaetter rundlich, gestielt; cf. Campanula scheuchzeri",
       "Grunstaendige blaetter in rosette, spatelfoermig, unbehaart; waechst in
   polstern von silene",
       "Gurke o. K\x9frbis", "Gypsophila muralis", "H\xfcllspelzen wie Ph.
   prat., aber Rispe nur 3cm lg. . ",
       "haare am Blattgrund  cf bromethie", "haarig", "Haarig",
       "Haarig annuell", "Haarig kurz dunkelgrun, c.f. alpinum",
       "Haarige rosette mit auslaufern", "Habitus her G. pumilum, Alternative:
   G. anisophyllon",
       "Habitus wie E. Montanum, aber keine geteilte narbe. Aber auch keine
   deutl. Rippen",
       "Habitus wie G. verna, Bl\x8atter aber<1cm lang", "halleri/ovina",
       "Halme geknickt aufsteigend, Knoten z.T. mit Blatttrieben, ohne Wurzeln.
   Alternative: A. stolonifera",
        "Hampe  florale  s\x8fche  ramifi\x8ee", "Hellgr. weiche B. Salix
       "Hellgr\x9fn klein", "Helveticus", "Heracleum sphondylium/Adenostyles",
       "herbar", "Herbar", "Herzf\x9armige Bl\x8atter", "Hgr sehr fein",
       "hirsutum", "Hispanica", "Hispidus", "Hispidus / incanus, herbar",
       "hoch, glauc, trotzdem rubra?", "hochwahrscheinlich kultiviert",
       "Hochwahrscheinlich kultiviert f comme oreopteris", "Holcus lanatus o.
   Bromus hordeacus",
       "Holcus? ", "holost/glomeratum eine kleine pflanze", "Holzpfl. cf.
       "hordeaceus oder racemosus", "Hordelymus europaeus", "Horst",
       "Horstig, Blaetter gerollt", "Horstiges Gras", "Huperzia selago juv.",
       "huperzia selago oder lycopodium annotinum", "Hyb?", "Hybrid",
       "hybrid petrae-robur", "Hybride", "Hybride rosa bluehend",
       "Hybride, gepfanzt oder verwildert", "Im Juli schon verbl\x9fht",
       "Im moment gej\x8atet", "Im ob. Teil stark dr\x9fsig, Bl\x9ften ca. 4mm
   lang, Deckbl\x8atter dicht",
       "im obst garten", "Impatiens parviflora", "In Ansaat mit Phacelia",
       "In Felsspalte", "In pflasterritze", "In zwstr unten, breite, behaarte
   bl\x8auliche b",
       "In zwstr unten, cf ligusticum", "inconnue f. poilues, devant Vitis",
       "Inflorescence = petite panicule peu ramifiee differente de toutes les
   autres Graminees du relevr",
       "Internodien lang, Blaetter eher schlank und langsam zugespitzt",
       "irgendeine R\x9fbenart als Zwischenkultur", "J'avais mis Avenella
   flexuosa mais la coupe de la feuille n'est pas d'Avenella. Feuilles tr\x8fs
   lisses, capillaires avec 7 nervures et 9 faisceaux de scl\x8erenchyme. Ce
   n'est pas \x88 mon avis une Festuca et ne parait non plus une Agrostis
       "j'avais mis brachypetalum subsp. toneranum mais je ne crois plus \x88
       "j'avais not\x8e un lanatus mais j'ai eu un doute au deuxi\x8fme passage
   car vu un mollis. Peut-\x90tre il y a les deux",
       "J\x9fngstes b gerollt, blaugr\x9fn, breite b, krallen, b nur schwach
   gefurcht, oben matt, unten gl\x8anzend festuca?",
       "J\xd5avais mis V. alba s.l. en 2001 mais je crois que cՎtait d\x8ej\x88
   odorata! Poils dirig\x8es en bas et stipules avec poils glanduleux.",
       "Jacobaea-eruci", "Jeunes pousses, f rondes dent\x8ees, p\x8etioles
   glanduleux et aiguillons",
       "Jung", "Jung veg", "Junge Pfl., <2cm, Bl\x8atter st. behaart, Haare
   gegliedert, US violett, mit Dr\x9fsenkratern wie O. vulgare.",
       "Junge rosette", "Jungpfl.", "Jungpfl. 1.Bpaar eifg spitz, gesaegt cf.
        "Jungpfl/keim'  so  gut wie sicher", "Jungpflanze", "Jungpflanze,
       "Jungrosette", "Jupfl.", "Juv", "juv.", "Juv.", "juv., Keimblatt.+ 2
       "juv., schmale ganzrandige Blaetter", "Juvenil", "juvenil, blaetter fast
   bis zum grund geteilt",
       "Juvenil, verwildert, nicht C. salicifolius", "K Cf Veronica. Zu klein.
   Nur vegetativ",
       "k cf.", "k cf. feuilles poilues", "k petite plantule", "K Zu klein. Cf
   Euphorbia spp.",
       "k, poilue, petite feuilles", "K\x9fmmerex", "k\x9fmmerex.",
       "K\x9fmmerex.", "K\x9fmmerliches Bl\x8attchen", "Kahl", "Kahl blaugrau
       "kahl, lg. Stiel, .bitter", "Kahle Blaetter", "Kahler kelch",
        "Kahles  grosses  Blattpaar,  ca.  4 cm ueber Boden. Alternative:
   Platanthera spec.",
       "Kartoffelacker", "kaum Blattht., Stengel leicht abgefl., s. lange B.
   kurze Kahnspitze",
        "Keimbl.  + 2 kaum entw. bl. frax/acer", "Keimbl. + 2. Blattpaar,
   weissscchuelferig, zahlr. Expl.",
       "Keimbl. Etwas herzfoermig, Primaerblatt mit geschweiftem Rand (cf.
       "Keimbl. u. 2 sehr kl. behaarte bl.", "Keimbl\xe4tter und 1 weiteres
       "Keimblaetter fuenflappig, erste Blaetter am entfalten",
       "Keimblaetter mit Blaeschenstruktur, wie bei Chenop. album, aber erste
   junge Blätter mit Sternhaaren, bereits vergilbt.",
       "Keimblatt und ein Blatt", "Keimling", "Keimling Gartenart",
       "Keimling mit 2 Blaettern", "Keimling sp mit zwei kleine B.",
        "Keimling  sp;  Zweiblattst.,  2 mm, cf Lamiaceae", "Keimling sp;
   Zweiblattst., ev. Busch?",
        "Keimling, \"Rosette\" mit 2 B", "keimling, bluehende s. Asper in
   umgebung vorganden (s. Oler. Nicht gesehen",
       "Keimling, cf Caryophyllaceae", "Keimling, rote Bl\x8a",
       "keimling/jungpfl.", "Kein bes. Merkmale", "kein Poa, kraeftige Rillen,
   B.htchen. ca. 1-2 mm, keine Oehrch.",
        "keine  Doppelrille, B.htch. lang, zugespitzt, Nerven dick, keine
        "Keine  eindeutigen Mwrkmale wie Staubbeutel vorhanden", "Kelchb.
       "Kelchborsten am grunde etwas abgeflacht,  habitus aber eher von s.
       "Kelchzipfel lg. lanzettlich mit spitzen Buchten, am Rand glatt, z.T.
   ungleich; Fr.knoten ca. 2 mm gestielt; Wuchs gedrungen",
        "KK  esp\x8fce  tr\x8fs  poilue.   G.  pumilum ou moins encore un
   anysophyllon. Il se trouve dans du Festucion variae",
        "KK,  une seule feuille! pas beaucoup. Je pensais \x88 une banale
       "Kl.  Rosette", "kl. B.\x9ahrchen", "Kl. Bl\x8atter, am Rand bewimpert",
       "Kl. breite Bl\x8attchen am Grund, ev. auch G. anisophyllon",
       "Kl. Cardamine- Blatt", "Kl. Carex-Pfl\x8anzchen", "Kl. gg.st\x8andige
   Bl\x8atter (3-5mm lg.), mit einigen kurzen Borsten v.a. am Stiel.",
       "Kl. Horst", "kl. junge Pfl\xe4nzchen; kahl; Bl\xe4tter wechselst., ca.
   5mm lg.,spitzoval, dtl. gestielt",
       "kl. Ligula, leicht behaarte B.scheide und B, keine Oehrchen",
       "Kl. Pfl\xe4nzchen; Blattform ca. 2:1, OS locker, US dtl. behaart",
       "Kl. Pfl\xe4nzchwn mit typ. Blattspitze. Ev. auch junge L. sylvatica",
       "Kl. Pflanze mit Fruechten. Unklar, ev. auch C. flexuosa.",
        "Kl.  Pflanze, ca. 10cm. Blaetter eher rundlich, aber typ. scharf
        "Kl.  Rosette auf Viehweglein", "Kl. Rosette, Blaetter mit 1 Paar
   Seitennerven, kurz abstehenf behaart",
         "kl.   Rosette,   cf  Gentiana  sp,  B.rand  rel.  glatt",  "kl.
   Rosette,fleischig, am B.rand sehr viele scharfe Zaehnchen/Papillen",
       "Kl. Rosetten, dunkelgrun. Bl\x8atter spatelfoermig, fast kahl, Stiel
   etwas violett",
        "Kl.  spitzovale, wechselst. Bl\xe4tter", "Kl. verholzte Pflanze;
   Blaetter rundlich, ca. 7-10mm, seicht gezaehnt, Rand auf US wukstig",
       "Kl. weisse Bl\x9ften, +- ohne Rosette, Fluegel max. 4mm lg. Ev. auch P.
       "Kl., behaarte Rosette", "kl.B.htchen, Blattoehrchen", "Klein",
       "Klein im pflaster", "Klein u trocken", "klein unten behaart",
       "Klein, cf. collinum, frucht ohne dr\x9fsen, st auch, kr.b. ca. 6 mm",
        "klein,  eher  nicht  minima", "Klein, gegenst. B, evt. ligustrum
       "klein, hellgr\x9fn, Bl\x8atter ca 3 mm breit, gefaltet",
       "klein, nicht salisburg.", "Klein, nur einfacges breites Endteilblatt",
        "Klein,  rund",  "Klein,  wechselst.,  kahl", "Klein. Lamium oder
       "kleinb\xe4ttrig", "Kleinbl\x9ftig", "kleinbl\x9ftig, nicht dr\x9fsig",
       "kleinbluetig, druesenlos", "Kleinblutig, gelb.winziges ex.",
       "Kleine b", "kleine B., cf Solidago minuta", "kleine B.; cf Leontodon
       "kleine Blaetter", "Kleine Blaetter, dicht kurz behaart",
        "kleine  Blattrosette",  "Kleine  dichte  Blattrosette",  "Kleine
   Grundblaetter, ungeteilt; Stengelbl. abgefallen; mit Fruchtstand. Moegliche
   Alternative: C. resedifolia",
       "Kleine Horste, nur wenige cm gross, ev. Festuca spec.",
       "Kleine lila Bl\x9ften", "Kleine Pflanze, relativ schmale Blaetter;
   kurzes Blatthaeutchen",
       "kleine Rosette mit ca. 4 gest., unget., unterseits etwas filzigen B.,
   erst 2 cm ",
       "kleine Rosette sp", "Kleiner junger Farn", "Kleiner Keimling",
       "Kleiner strauch, herbar", "Kleiner, feiner Horst. Abgefressen.",
       "kleines Blatt, cf Campanula cochlearifolia", "Kleines dreiteiliges
   Blatt, Rand gezaehnt",
       "Kleines junges Distelblatt; C. arvense in der Umgebung zahlreich",
       "kleines, kriechendes Kraut mit dgr\x9fnen B", "kleinste Blattrosette,
   cf hispidus/helveticus",
       "kleinste Rumex-Bl\x8attchen", "Kmlg. Ev Poa trivialis",
       "Kompostbehaelter", "Korkenzieherform", "Kospen mit kurzem sporn",
       "Krause minze \"fris\x8ee\"", "Krueppel", "Kult", "kult.",
        "Kult.",  "Kultivar", "kultiviert", "Kultiviert", "Kultiviert und
       "kultiviert, Keimblaetter plus 2 Folgeblaetter", "kultivierte Zierrose",
       "kultur", "Kultur", "Kulturpflanze ?", "kulturrelikt", "Kulturrelikt",
       "Kulturrelikt (Vorjahreskultur)", "Kurzes blatth\x8autchen, wurzelt aber
   an den knoten (oberird. Ausl\x8aufer)",
       "L", "L\x8angliche Bl\x8atter,vorne etwas breiter", "L\x8angliches
   Blatt, cf. Asteraceae",
       "Laengl.-lanzettliches Blatt", "Laengliche, spatelfoermige Blaetter,
   fast kahl, ca. 4 cm lang. Keine Vermutung",
        "Lamiaceae  lanzettl.  blaetter",  "Lamium oder Stachis", "Lamium
        "Lange  gras\x8ahnliche  Bl\x8atter",  "Lange schmale Bl\x8atter,
   Bl.h\x8autchen ca. 2mm lang",
       "Lange schmale Blaetter", "Lange schmale rinnige Orchideenblaetter",
       "lange, schmale, rauhe Blaetter", "langes B.htch., ungeoehrt",
       "Langes Bh\x8autchen", "langgezogen gestielt", "Langliche bl\x8atter cf
   crepis aurea",
       "Lanzettl. Bl.", "Lanzettlich, lang gestielt, blattstiel und. B. Schw.
   Behaart, cf conyza",
        "Lanzettliche  Blaetter, ca. 3cm .lang; beidseits  rel. dicht mit
   gelblichen mehrzelligen Druesenhaaren",
       "Latifolium, une foliole dans l'AFZ", "laurocerasus", "lawsoniana",
       "laxa/minor", "laxa/minor; eher laxa aber Rispe +- rund",
       "leicht behaarte B.scheiden, B.htch. 1-2 mm, starke Nerven, rauher
       "leicht behaarte Oehrchen, sonst aehnl. Agropyron", "leider unklar ob
   Triticum aestivum oder Triticale",
       "Leontodon helveticus", "Leontodon od. Hieracium", "leontodon ou Crepis
   ou ...",
         "Lepidium  virginicum",  "Leucanthemum  vulgare,  pousse",  "lg.
   borstenf\xf6rmige Bl\xe4tter",
       "Lg. gras", "Lg. l\xf6ffelf\xf6rmige Bl\xe4tter, wenig behaart",
       "Lg. spatelfoermige Blaetter, steif weiss behaart, mit dtl. Nerven",
       "Lig frangee f glabres", "Ligule courte env. 0.5mm leg. Dentee f. Un peu
       "ligule courte, cf. pratensis", "Ligule f glabre sans oreillette",
       "Ligule frangee", "Ligule poilue", "Ligule ultra courte, touffe de poils
   raz derriere la gaine, f. un peu torsad\x8ees scabres et pointues.",
       "Liliaceae sp. ou Orchidaceae", "Limbe finissant en capuchon ligule tres
   courte f vert vif",
       "Limbe longuement cilie", "Linum catharticum oder Hypericum sp",
       "Lloydia serotina", "Lobes pointut", "Lockere Rispe, allseitswendig",
       "Loewenzahnaehnliche Blaetter", "Lolium multifl oder festuca prat",
       "Lolium multiflorum o. Festuca pratensis", "Lolium perenne sehr kl..
       "Lolium sp., wohl Bastard perenne x multiflor.", "Lolium?",
       "Long stolon souterrain ni poa ni agrostis ni festuca", "Longs poils
   jamais glanduleux",
       "Longs stolons et gaines rouges deja determine au printemps a verifier",
       "Lutea / alpinopilosa", "luzuloideshia", "Lychnis flos-cuculi",
       "Lysimachia punctata juv. oder Origanum juv.", "Lysimachia?",
       "Lythrumartig(ziemlich klein) gepresst)", "m", "macrophylla",
       "magelanica var ricatonii", "Mais", "Maisfeld", "mauvaise odeur",
       "Max 3cm hoch", "Medicago / Trifolium", "Medicago sp f. genre tr\x8ffle
       "Mehlig", "mehrbl\x9ftig mit St. B. Stengel mit drei Haartypen, B. auch
       "Mehrere jungpflanzen>keimlingstadium", "mezereum (jeune plante avec 4
       "Milch, kahl, B. Ganzrandig", "minima", "Minuscule mais differente des
   especes deja presentes",
       "Misuriensis", "Mit  Dr\x9fsen", "mit auslaeufer, cf. gigantea",
       "mit B.htch, breite B", "Mit Borstbl\x8attern, etwas rauh",
       "Mit deutlicher mittelrippe (evt. Hieracium)", "Mit Dr\x9faen",
       "Mit dunkler mitte bei Schuppe. Nicht f.  M!", "Mit flecken",
       "Mit Oehrchen, Bl.oberseite rauh, Bl.unterseite gl\x8anzend, junge
   Bl\x8atter gerollt",
       "mit Rosette, klein", "Mit stengelbl\x8attern", "Mit weissen blumen",
       "Mit zerfressenen Bl\x8attern,langem,d\x9fnnem Stengel.",
       "mite/minus", "Moehringia trinervia", "Molle/pyrenaicum",
       "montana", "montanum", "Montanum", "Montanus", "multiflorum",
       "Muricata od pallescens", "mutellina", "Mutellina oder mutellinoides",
       "Myosotis", "Myosotis arvensis", "Myosotis o cerastium",
       "Myosotis. Gartenform", "Myosotis/Pulmonaria", "Nahe zentrum b. kahl b.
   Hautchen kurz cf. Melica",
       "Narcissus/leucojum-nurnoch fruechte vorhanden", "Nasturtium",
       "Neben V. thomasiana vermtl. noch 2. Art: Pfl. klein, fast kahl, insb.
   Fruechte. ",
       "Nebenbl\x8atter l\x8anglich lanzettlich. Alternative: P. crantzii",
       "Nervation diff de taraxacum", "nicht behaarte Blueten",
        "Nicht  bl\x9fhend",  "nicht dentaria flexuosa?", "Nicht dentaria
       "nicht Poa", "Nicht punktiert, cf maculatum", "Nie im bl\xfchenden
   Zustand gesehen",
       "Nigra alpigena", "Nigra od. Xylosteum ", "Noch kl. Rosetten",
       "noch nicht aufgebl\x9fht, helle knospen l\x8angliche, ungefleckte B.",
       "Noch sehr jung", "Noch sehr klein", "Noch wenig entwickelt",
       "non identifi\x8ee, f. oppos\x8ees enti\x8fres. Petite",
       "non identifi\x8ee, gaines stri\x8ees de rouge", "non poa Gaine aplatie
   glabre limbe auec longs poils ligule subnulle",
       "non retrouv\x8e au deuxi\x8fme passage pour mieux l'identifier",
       "Nur 1 blatt", "Nur 1 Blatt", "Nur 1 Blatt mit \x8ahnlichem Habitus",
       "Nur 1 Blatt, US auf Nerven und Rand kurz borstig behaart",
       "Nur 1 kleine Pflanze", "Nur 1 Pflanze, Rosettenblatter mit langen
   weissen Haaren (v.a. am Rand)",
        "nur  2 Blaetter, dicklich, dunkelgruen; dicht behaart, Haare mit
   Fuesschen; Seitennerven fast unsichtbar",
       "Nur 8cm hoch", "Nur alter Fruchtstand mt 3 Klappen, ca. 5cm hoch",

   Thanks a lot!!!! I wish you a very nice day!!! kind regards Jacqueline
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   Betreff: Re: [R] Fwd: Questions about working with a dataframe
   On Jun 25, 2013, at 8:57 AM, John Kane wrote:
   > Hi, welcome to R
   > Try using the function str() on both files so str(WWA) and str(oWWA) and
   compare  the structures that you get. Probably one of the varables you
   defined when creating the original WWA data set has changed from a character
   variable to a factor or vis versa.
   > It is a good idea to use dput to supply sample data here.
   > So dput(WWA) and paste the results into the email and repeat with the
   other data set. Then readers can paste the actual data sets into R and work
   on them directly.
   In this case I think it would be much more courteous to include:
   ... in light of the attached 5MB file in that email.
   I apologize to the other list readers for approving it in the moderation
   queue. It should ahve been rejected, but my excuse is that the moderation
   viewer doesn't always highlight all aspects of hte postings being viewed
   that should be highlighted.
   > If the str() approach does not give you enough information please paste in
   the dput results in your next email.
   > Good luck
   > John Kane
   > Kingston ON Canada
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   >> Subject: [R] Fwd: Questions about working with a dataframe
   >>> Dear R-Users,
   >>> I hope this is the right e-mail adress to post questions about
   >>> Programming in R, and I hope somebody of you can help me with the
   >>> troubles I have :)
   >>> 1) First Question:
   >>> I have a dataframe called "WWA" (its attached to this e-mail
   >>> ). It looks a little bit like the following one:
   >>> testcoordID testcommunity testaltitude testSpeciesName
   >>> 1 503146 Bournes 523.2 Bellis perennis
   >>> 2 503146 Bournes 321.5 Cynosurus cristatus
   >>> 3 557154 Bournes 654.1 Festuca pratensis
   >>> 4 557154 Aigle 938.6 Bellis perennis
   >>> 5 569226 Aigle 401.3 Bellis perennis
   >>> 6 599246 Aigle 765.9 Prunella vulgaris
   >>> ((I programmed this little one like this:
   >>> testcoordID
   >>> testcommunity <-factor(c("Bournes","Bournes","Bournes", "Aigle",
   >>> "Aigle", "Aigle"))
   >>> testaltitude <- c(523.2,321.5,654.1,938.6,401.3,765.9)
   >>> testSpeciesName <-c( "Bellis perennis",
   >>> "Cynosurus cristatus",
   >>> "Festuca pratensis",
   >>> "Bellis perennis",
   >>> "Bellis perennis",
   >>> "Prunella vulgaris")
   >>> testframe <- data.frame(testcoordID,testcommunity,testaltitude,
   >>> testSpeciesName))
   >>> I needed to manipulate WWA in Excel, therefore i wrote
   >>> it as a text-file:
   >>>> write.table(WWA, "WWA.txt", col.names=T, row.names=F, sep= ";", quote
   >>>> =T)
   >>> Then I manipulated the WWA.txt in Excel and saved it as "noWWA.csv"(
   >>> ) and re-importet it under the new name "oWWA" in R:
   >>>> oWWA <- read.csv("~/Desktop/NCCR master projekt/BDM Beschreibungen/BDM
   >>>> Daten/noWWA.csv", header=TRUE, sep=";")
   >>> What i need to do with this "WWA" or "oWWA"is finally to create a list
   >>> (or a dataframe but this is not possible i think), that shows for each
   >>> coordinateID ("testcoordID") the species Names occuring at this place:
   >>>> species_per_coordID1<- tapply((WWA$speciesName), WWA$coordID, list)
   >>>> species_per_coordID2 <- split(WWA$speciesName, WWA$coordID)
   >>> ---> now my Question: This works very well with the WWA table, but not
   >>> with the oWWA!! I think i changed something in the dataframe by
   >>> converting it to a .txt file and than back to a .csv;
   >>> But does anybody know why it works with WWA and not with oWWA? how can I
   >>> treat the WWA dataframe in Excel without changing any format of it?
   >>> Thaanks a lot for any help or suggestions!!!!!
   >>> Have a nice day,
   >>> Kind regards Jacqueline
   David Winsemius
   Alameda, CA, USA

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