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A M Lavezzi mario.lavezzi at unipa.it
Fri Jun 21 11:56:27 CEST 2013

Hello everybody

I have this problem: I need to match an addresses database F1 with the
information contained in a toponymic database F2.

The format of F1 is given by three columns and 800 rows, with the
columns being:

A1. Street/Road/Avenue
A2. Name
A3. Number

Consider for instance Avenue J. Kennedy , 3011. In F1 this is:

A1. Avenue
A2. J. Kennedy
A3. 3011

The format of F2 file is instead given by 20000 rows and five columns:

B1. Street/Road/Avenue
B2. Name
B3. Starting Street Number
B4. Ending Street Number
B5. Census section

So my problem is attributing the  B5 Census section to every
observation of F1 if: A1=B1, A2=B2, and A3 is comprised between B3 and

The problem is that while the information in A2 is irregularly
recorded, B2 has a given format that is Family name (space) Given

So I could have that while in B2 the information is:

Kennedy John

In A2 it could be:

John Kennedy
JF Kennedy
J. Kennedy

and so on.



Andrea Mario Lavezzi
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