[R] knitr without R studio

AlexPiche alexandre.piche at mail.mcgill.ca
Wed Jun 19 09:53:49 CEST 2013

Hello folks,

I`m using knitr on R studio, which make it easy to use, but a coworker of
mine would like to run it on "simple" R. So I was wondering if you know what
is the equivalent of  the button "knit HTML" in RStudio in R. I tried 


<body style="background-color:white">

  <p style="font-size:16px; text-align:center">
Graph 1 <#location1>      Graph 2 <#location2>  

```{r table1, comment=NA, results='asis'}
print(xtable(head(iris, 10)), type = "html", include.rownames = T)

```{r, include=FALSE}

opts_knit$set(progress = TRUE, verbose = TRUE)
opts_chunk$set(fig.width=20, fig.height=12)
knit_hooks$set(fig.bg = function(before, options, envir) {
  if (before) par(bg = options$fig.bg)


```{r graphs,fig.keep=’last’} 
for (x in 1:10) plot(rnorm(100), col = x)

```{r graph1} 

plot(rnorm(500), type="lines", main="Graph1")
  Top of the Page <#top>  


```{r graph2} 

plot(rpois(500,3), type="lines", main="Graph2") 


Top of the Page <#top>  


But R keep sending me error message, any clue?



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