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arun smartpink111 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 17 15:49:30 CEST 2013

Try this:

X<- c("0","659-1000","641-659","634-641","630-634","630-630","626-628","618-626","604-618","574-604","0-574")
 Y<- c(0,2.166477,6.347396,12.23869,20.18244,26.07374,36.64006,48.15659,61.61155,77.95515,100.152)
 dat1<- data.frame(X,Y)

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Subject: Inputs for plots


I am somehow getting struck while I try to Input values to a plot. I am really not sure how to go about better understanding how to input data for an column category names in X axis. Is there a way where I can get some understanding of this rather than trial and error? 

In this case, I have two columns X and Y (which I read from a csv). Column X has values like 659-1000,641-659,634-641,630-634,630-630,626-628,618-626,604-618,574-604,0-574( I have arrived at these values by calculating min and max values for a set of standard scores) 

Column Y has cumulative values (0,2.166477,6.347396,12.23869,20.18244,26.07374,36.64006,48.15659,61.61155,77.95515,100.152) 

I want to plot these in X and Y axis respectively, with those list of column  X that must appear as column category names. 


But I don’t see a proper curve when I do this. 

Is there anything that you can suggest for me to go about this? I technically want 659-1000,641-659,634-641,630-634,630-630,626-628,618-626,604-618,574-604,0-574 range listed in my column category instead of 0,1,2…..

Sudha Krishnan           

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