[R] trying to fit a thin plate spline to a triangular plot

Rapkin, James jr297 at exeter.ac.uk
Sun Jun 16 16:39:40 CEST 2013


Has anyone tried to fit a thin plate spine to a triangular plot before? I'm having trouble working out a piece of code to make it possible with three axes. I have done it before with two axes. 

I've found a package I prefer that makes triangular plots (plotrix) using the triax.plot() function. An example of some data and the plot follows:

graph.data<-data.frame(a=c(9,6.2, 5.9,8.1,8.9,56.9,50,39.5,62.1,49.9,4.2,3,6,4.1),

triax.plot(graph.data, main="Title", no.add=F, show.grid=T,tick.labels=list(l=seq(10,90,by=10),r=seq(10,90,by=10),b=seq(10,90,by=10)),
I want to fit the 'd' data as a spline to the plot. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

PhD Researcher
University of Exeter - Cornwall Campus
College of Life and Enivironmental Science
Centre for Ecology and Conservation

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