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Alain Guillet alain.guillet at uclouvain.be
Thu Jun 13 16:02:58 CEST 2013


Without more information I guess your problem is that the level name
still exists in the factor whereas it doesn't appear anymore in the
factor. If so, try droplevels.

Alain Guillet

On 13/06/13 14:02, Shane Carey wrote:
> I have a dataframe consisting of factors in one column. Im trying to remove
> certain levels using the following code:
> toBeRemoved1<-which(DATA$UnitName_1=="lake")
> DATA<-DATA[-toBeRemoved1,]
> However it will not remove the level "lake"
> In the past this worked for me, but its not working now. Any help
> appreciated.
> Thanks

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