[R] generating a bar chart with two axis for co-linear variable

Sudha Krishnan Sudha.Krishnan at marlabs.com
Thu Jun 6 08:37:41 CEST 2013

Hello Dimitris,

I was goggling for some help on Sensitivity vs 1-specificity and saw your link.

I hope you can be of help to me in one of the issue that I am facing in generating combo chart(bar chart and plot). I am a novice and have some difficulty in getting this logic correct.

I am give a dataset (I am attaching a sample dataset).

I am using a barplot() and passing values for percentage frequency and the corresponding variables. I am struck here, what my function does is only calculate the frequency for the listed variables and not the frequency percentage. Is there a method or a script with which I can pass the frequency percent and the related values as category columns for x axis?

I will attach the graphs that I have generated so that you can suggest the better way.

Sampledata - Sampledata.txt

What my function does to calculate the frequency with category names in X axis - 1.png

My requirement is to generate percentage frequency of the variable in y1 and not the frequency itself. 2.png (where x categories are missing)


Sudha Krishnan

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