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On 01-Jun-2013 17:52:01 Janh Anni wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't understand why my mails are being held up.  What could be the
> problem?
> Thanks
> Janh
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This can happen to anyone, depending on the current sensitivity
of the mail-server's spam-detection filter to potential
"triggers" in the message.

It is particularly likely to arise with mails posted from a gmail
account, as your was. This is because gmail is a major source of
spam emails, and the spam filter is alert to these.

I have had a look at your message (which was duly approved), and
I see that it is in reply to a message which itself is in a thread
that includes several messages sent via gmail. From the headers
of your message:

In-Reply-To: <51A9291C.70509 at ucalgary.ca>
<CAFCoDdDp64MFyvTTB6b_O6KgoTKYR41mCB2sPCC4c6ANQyWx1Q at mail.gmail.com>
<CAFEqCdy6+NhK2hgcWQALYmYXx1a0tRqJTHYBXx-FUb9OYfFUKA at mail.gmail.com>
 <CAFCoDdBcm4B1tVW7BarkHXAgpqMpTCimmjhrLc3N7=yvSSEbbw at mail.gmail.com>
 <CAFEqCdz_=YBeeDYLfpDYyTAwjr6a4n2OKTbQaBsb9UC=G9sAag at mail.gmail.com>
 <CAFCoDdC1asW6JGK5huY_kLgCQQCduw8s=YjhHDP0ptA_9YAhhw at mail.gmail.com>
 <51A9291C.70509 at ucalgary.ca>

so that's a total of 6 references to gmail (including your own message)
which is probably why the spam filter felt a bit twitchy!

Don't worry about it. As I say, it can happen to anyone (though more
often to some than to others). If it is a proper message to R-help,
one of the moderators will approve it (though quite possible not

Hoping this helps,
Ted (one of the moderators)

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