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arun smartpink111 at yahoo.com
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"Find 'T','C','A','F' and 'Y', delete them from all the 110 files"
I assume that you meant to replace it with NA.

myfiles<- lapply(1:5,function(i) as.data.frame(matrix(sample(c(LETTERS,"-999.99M"),40*i,replace=TRUE),ncol=(40*i)/8),stringsAsFactors=FALSE))
#  V1 V2       V3 V4 V5
#1  A  P        K  O  Y
#2  C  Z        S  M  Y
#3  M  S -999.99M  G  I
#4  X  R        M  G  X
#5  C  Q        G  A  P
#6  U  W        G  B  K
#7  A  N        Z  X  R
#8  X  I        F  M  K

res<-lapply(myfiles,function(x) {x1<-unlist(x); x1[x1%in% c("-999.99M","T","C","A","F","Y")]<-NA;as.data.frame(matrix(x1,ncol=ncol(x)),stringsAsFactors=FALSE)})

 #   V1 V2   V3   V4   V5
#1 <NA>  P    K    O <NA>
#2 <NA>  Z    S    M <NA>
#3    M  S <NA>    G    I
#4    X  R    M    G    X
#5 <NA>  Q    G <NA>    P
#6    U  W    G    B    K
#7 <NA>  N    Z    X    R
#8    X  I <NA>    M    K

lapply(seq_along(res),function(i) write.table(res[[i]],paste0("file",i,".txt"),row.names=FALSE,quote=FALSE))

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I have a question and need your help urgently. I am new to R but want to learn it.

I have several files in a folder which I have imported to R using :
temp = list.files(pattern="*.txt")
>myfiles = lapply(temp, read.delim)
The resulting files are on the workspace stored as List[110]. So they are 110 files in the list. Each file has several different columns and rows.
My question: I would like to find and replace -999.99M with NA; Find 'T','C','A','F' and 'Y', delete them from all the 110 files.
Then, I want to write.table all the corrected files back to a folder on my computer.
Thanks for your help.

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