[R] Needed: Beta Testers and Summer Camp Students

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 19:29:27 CEST 2013


I'm teaching linear regression this semester and that means I write
more functions for my regression support package "rockchalk".  I'm at
a point now were some fresh eyes would help, so if you are a student
in a course on regression, please consider looking over my package
overview document here:


That tells how you can grab the test verion, which is now at 1.7.I'm
leaving rockchalk on CRAN at 1.6.3, but as the document linked above
explains, you can download the test version from our local repository
called "kran". I have been making new packages every 3 days or so. If
you are a github user, you can clone a copy of the source if you like

The functions that have gotten the biggest workover are predictOMatic,
newdata, plotSlopes, plotCurves, and testSlopes. If you just install
the package and run those examples, you will be able to tell right
away if you are interested in trying to adapt these to your needs.
Generally speaking, I watch the students each semester to see which R
things frustrate them the most and then I try to automate them.
That's how the regression table function (outreg) started, and
difficulties in plotting predicted values for various kinds of
regression drive most of the rest. I guess the rockchalk vignette
explains all that.

If you are interested in that flavor of R, or know other people who
might be, spread the word:

we are offering a one-week summer course at the University of Kansas.

There is a discount for enrollment before the end of the month.  The R
course is part of our larger Summer Statistical Institute, which has
been growing rapidly for the past decade. We've had very popular
courses on structural equations modeling and hierarchical models.

Here's the more formal announcement.

Stats Camp 2013 registration is now in full swing. Last year we had
over 300 participants attend 11 different courses. This coming June we
have 15 different courses being offered. Please visit our web pages at
http://crmda.ku.edu/statscamp for information on the courses, a brief
syllabus for each, and registration information.


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