[R] regression with paired left-censored data

MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Mon Apr 15 21:46:58 CEST 2013

I would probably start with maximum likelihood estimation.

I suppose you could impute X and Y separately using ros() from the NADA
package, and then run you ordinary regression on the imputed values.
Obviously, this ignores any relationship between X and Y, since each is
imputed independently of the other. I have no idea whether ordinary
inferences on the parameter estimates would be valid. Probably not.
Probably, MLE would be better.


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On 4/15/13 8:55 AM, "Laura MacCalman" <Laura.MacCalman at iom-world.org>

>I am trying to analyse data which is left-censored (i.e. has values below
>the detection limit). I have been using the NADA package of R to derive
>summary statistics and do some regression. I am now trying to carry out
>regression on paired data where both my X and Y have left-censored data
>within them.
>I have tried various commands in R:
>rega = cenreg(Cen(conc, cens_ind) ~ Gp_ident))
>with all X and Y data stacked and using a group identifier to look at the
>this doesn't take account of the paired data though.
>I have also tried splitting the data and regessing one on the other
>rega = cenreg(Cen(conc1, censind1) ~ Cen(conc2,censind2))
>which doesn't work.
>Does anyone know of a command that will work - or perhaps suggest another
>package that I could use?
>I have also looked at multiple imputation packages but they all seem to
>impute data depending on other columns - whereas I would want to impute
>data between zero and the censored value.
>Any guidance/advice would be very much appreciated.
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