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On Apr 15, 2013, at 14:30 , ilovestats wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to decide between doing a FA or PCA and would appreciate some
> pointers. I've got a questionnaire with latent items which the participants
> answered on a Likert scale, and all I want to do at this point is to explore
> the data and extract a number of factors/components. Would FA or PCA be most
> appropriate in this case?
> Cheers,
> Hannah

Not really an R question, is it? 

Stats.StackExchange.com is  -----> that way!

In terms of theory, PCA is essentially FA with the same residual variance in all responses. With all-Likert scales, it is unlikely that there will be much of a difference.

In practical terms:

- factanal can diverge (Heywood cases) which is a bit of a bother

on the other hand

- factor rotation is based on factanal() output; may require a little extra diddling to work with prcomp().

I think I'd try factanal() first, and if it acts up, switch to prcomp().

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