[R] Remove data 3 standard deviatons from the mean using R?

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Thu Apr 11 19:19:02 CEST 2013


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> I have a very long list of data-points (+2300) and i know 
> from my histogram that there are outliers which are affecting my mean.

If extreme values are known to be unreliable*, take a look at robust statisical methods (or even the median) instead of the mean. huber in MASS and huberM in robustbase are often appropriate for that kind of situation.

If the extreme values are not known to be unreliable, see previous posts...

S Ellison

*Reverence for data is fundamental, but that doesn't mean being blind to the apparently limitless number of ways people, instruments and the universe at large can foul up observations and data collection. A degree of scepticism about extreme values is healthy; dogmatic retention or rejection is not.

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