[R] Canadian politcal party colours in ggplot2

John Kane jrkrideau at inbox.com
Fri Apr 5 15:12:32 CEST 2013

I never thought of looking at the logo (headslap!).  

Ista's link to the wiki provides #EA6D6A which seems pretty close.  However, when I see   #FF6600, it really looks correct though the difference seems minor, at least on the screen. 

Looks like Wiki may be slightly off so I'll  have to cross-check using your approach. I was willing to settle for basic reds and blues, etc  but  the orange was really bugging me. 

The Wiki was interesting: I had never heard of some of those parties;  I did wipe a tear away when I saw the Rhinoceros Party listed.  It was a sad day when we lost it.  

John Kane
Kingston ON Canada

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> On 03/04/2013 9:08 AM, John Kane wrote:
>> A stupid question but does anyone know how to express the actual colours
>> used by the main Canadian political parties?   I want to do a couple of
>> ggplot2 plots and have lines or rectangles that accurately reflect the
>> party colours.
>> I can probably play around with RColorBrewer or something to figure it
>> out but if some some already has got them  it would save me some time
>> especially with the NDP orange.
>  From this page http://www.ndp.ca/logos, NDP orange is
> CMYK=(0,60,100,0).  According to an online conversion tool, that's
> "#FF6600" in #RGB notation.
> Duncan Murdoch

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