[R] summing vectors/matrices

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> Hi All,
> I have a large dataset I need to re-structure. It looks something like
> this:
> YearAreaQBinFD200011502000111012000111523200011201220001125120002151200
> 02110
> 62000211511200021201320002125320001250200012101200012152320001220122000
> 12251
> 20002251200022103200022151220002220132000222532001...2011

I cannot believe that your dataset does not have any delimiters. If it is really the case


can be a way to go.

If your data are in dataframe then you probably can use 


But without knowing data structure and desired result it is hard to tell anything definite.


>  And I need to create different vectors (Bin, FD) summing by year
> and/or by area; For example, I need a new dataset:
> Bin, FD[Year=2000,Area=1], FD[Year=2000,Area=2], FD[Year=2000],
> FD[Year=2001,Area=1], etc.
> Any help really appreciated!!
> NG
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