[R] How to do platform independent system calls?

annoporci annoporci at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 19:59:04 CEST 2013

I'm new to R and learning so I probably don't have much of value to share,
but I do use Windows and kUbuntu interchangeably and need to share code
across these two platforms, so let me tell you what I've found -- it may
or may
not help you.

Most of the R packages can be used on any platform. So you don't usually
need to worry about your syntax being os-specific. But there are
exceptions. When I run into exceptions, i usually use a conditional
statement (see below).

I find it very useful to store commonly used paths into an environment
file. I have an environment file for each OS. These are my settings. I
comment out the Linux section for Windows and vice versa:

# Windows .Renviron
      R_LIBS="C:/Program Files/RStudio/R/library"

# Linux Renviron.site
# R_LIBS_USER="~/R/library"
# R_USER="~/R"
# R_DOC_DIR="~/R"
# HOME="/home/patrick" # may not be needed, check your system

You'll need to figure out where to store them on your system.

Having defined my home directories this way, relative paths can be used.
If you need to create a specific path, one approach is to use:


I am vaguely aware that there contexts in which it doesn't work (maybe
DOS), so you'll need to test if you can construct the file path using the
paste0 function and Platform$file.sep

I typically write conditional statements for things that are
platform-specific. To illustrate with a simple example: to define the
current directory, you can do this:

### Define directories, note the path does not end with a slash /
      if(.Platform$OS.type == "windows"){
        currentdir <- "c:/R"
      } else {
      currentdir <- "~/R"}

These may not be great but they have worked for me so far.


On Tue, 02 Apr 2013 17:42:01 +0800, Asis Hallab <asis.hallab at gmail.com>

> Dear R experts,
> I hope everyone has had a happy easter break.
> Recently my work included writing R function that need to call external  
> tools.
> I did this using R's system function for example:
> system( paste( 'tool', '-input', path_to_input, '-output',
> path_to_output, '-other_switch', some_val ) )
> I have two question about this:
> 1) Is there a way to implement such calls to external tools, so they
> become platform independent? I mean, so that these calls will work
> both on a *nix and a Windows system?
> 2) Is there a way to generate platform independent paths? So that
> "path/2/input.tbl" on *nix systems becomes "path\2\input.tbl" on a
> Windows system?
> Your help will be much appreciated!
> Kind regards!
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Patrick Toche.

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