[R] How to evaluate R things from Visual Studio?

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.CA.us
Tue May 22 22:23:02 CEST 2012

Things tend to get done in the open-source world because someone has an itch to scratch. Giannis, you seem to be the one with the itch, and it doesn't appear to be an itch others on this list share. There exists documentation and example code for embedding R within other compiled environments, and there is an R-devel mailing list for questions on interfacing to other code. If you think it is easy, go for it. I suspect that fixing R.NET is likely to take the least amount of work, but it could make assumptions you don't want to make, so I could be wrong. In either case, saying "Why is it THAT difficult?" is not going to win you much support.
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Peter Ehlers <ehlers at ucalgary.ca> wrote:

>Sorry, I have no solution for your problem, but a comment;
>see inline below.
>On 2012-05-22 08:02, Giannis Mamalikidis wrote:
>> Hello all, I’m new here and this is actually my very first post.
>> My name is Giannis and I am an undergraduate student. I am
>programming in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 (VB.NET mostly) and I
>want to create a program for the research group I am in.
>> I merely want to evaluate actions and use simple statistical things
>such as ks test (Kolmogorov-Smirnov), and some plots.
>> The reason I need to call R from my program is that the users of my
>program will NOT know any programming language, and by extension they
>will not know R either. So everything will happen by the click of a
>> For me to do that, I need to be able to use interoperability between
>R and VS.NET 2010, so that I can use R’s evaluator.
>> I’ve already tried Baier’s StatConnDCOM (http://rcom.univie.ac.at)
>and I did succeed in creating a program that runs perfectly but came to
>see the hard way that – for my case, is kind of useless for the sole
>reason of StatconnDCOM’s redistribution restriction.
>> As Mr. Baier told me himself, there is no guarantee that StatconnDCOM
>will be available free of charge for ever. Hence I cannot create a
>freeware program now, and have my users uncertain of where they will be
>able to use this program for free in the future.
>> I’ve already tried R.NET (http://rdotnet.codeplex.com/ ) Version 1.4
>(stable) and 1.4.1 (Change Set: 6d2c3f161801 ).
>> This does seem wonderful and it doesn’t have StaconnDCOM’s ridiculous
>restrictions, BUT it refuses to work on me!
>> So, now that you have all the necessary background info, it is time I
>presented my questions:
>> 1) Is there another way of using R from Visual Studio that you can
>point me to?
>> 2) Is anyone here using R.NET (any version) successfully? If so, can
>you help me to get it working? Unfortunately they can’t help me on
>R.NET’s official discussion forum
>> I mean, I just need to evaluate the basic R stuff.. Why is it THAT
>This appears to imply that you consider it to be R's fault that you
>can't easily interface it with Visual Studio. Isn't that rather the
>fault of VS? If VS were open source, as R is, you could probably
>find an easy solution yourself.
>If you don't get a solution from one of those much more knowledgeable
>than I, perhaps you might contact Microsoft.
>Peter Ehlers
>> Last but not least, let me give you info that might be relevant in
>your deciding how to aid me.
>> OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 English (Genuine, it is purchased)
>> R: Version 2.15.0
>> Programming Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio .net 2010
>> For any additional Info, please do not hesitate to ask me either here
>or directly at Giannis_Mamalikidis at msn.com
>> I hope we can make this work. thanks in advance.
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