[R] Read text into a nested list

Remko Duursma remkoduursma at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 08:51:18 CEST 2012

Dear R-list,

I am looking for a way to efficiently read a text file (see example below)
into a nested list. I can probably find an ugly way to do this, but I would
appreciate if anyone has (ideas for) efficient solutions. 

It seems to me this is a bit similar to parsing XML, could tools from the
XML package be used/changed to read custom files like these?


## Text file looks like, for example:
txt <- 
"treelist {
	Node {
	Node {
		some more text
	Node {
		Component {
			some component
                        with more text lines
		Component {
			another one 
		Node {
			a sub node

## The result should look like :
#  (extra points for naming the elements of the list, but not necessary!)
> treelist
[1] "sometext"

[1] "some more text"

[1] "some component
[2] "with more text lines"

[1] "another one"

[1] "a sub node"

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