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Dear community, 

I'm trying to examine my grouped data following page 6

I'm trying lmList this way: 

model.list <- lmList(log(v.dep) ~  log(v2) +log(v4) + v3 | v5, subset =
v6=0,  data=data)

and obtain this error message:  In Ops.factor(v4, v4) : | not meaningful for

My original model is originalmodel <- lm(log(v.dep) ~  log(v2) +log(v4) + v3
+ v5+ v6,  data=data)  (The thing is that I don't know how to specify  that
groups are in v5, where to put in the lmList statement |v5)

By the way, following Fox pdf I was trying as well to group my data, as this

cat <- sample(unique(school[sector==’Catholic’]), 20)
Cat.20 <- groupedData(mathach ~ ses | school,  data=Bryk[is.element(school,
pub <- sample(unique(school[sector==’Public’]), 20)
Pub.20 <- groupedData(mathach ~ ses | school, data=Bryk[is.element(school,

what am I doing wrong?

cat <- sample(unique(data$v5[v6=0,]), 20)

But Error in NextMethod("[") : first argument invalid

Find attached the data I'm working with.  
http://r.789695.n4.nabble.com/file/n4307083/data data 

Thanks in advance,  user at host.com

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