[R] Troubles with stemming (tm + Snowball packages) under MacOS

Julien Velcin julien.velcin at univ-lyon2.fr
Mon Jan 16 16:11:09 CET 2012

Yes, I've tried to repair the permissions through Disk Utility. But it  
doesn't work.


> The fact that the OP knows how to log in as root an a Mac suggests  
> that he probably already knows that the Disk Utility.app program is  
> the typical way to check and repair permissions, but I thought I  
> would mention it in case my presumption is wrong.
>> You should also try
>> reinstalling these packages, just in case (and check no error  
>> messages
>> are printed).
> -- 
> David Winsemius, MD
> West Hartford, CT

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