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Hans W Borchers hwborchers at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 9 17:49:19 CET 2012

Ferebee Tunno <ferebee.tunno <at> mathstat.astate.edu> writes:

> Hi everyone -
> I know that R is capable of clustering using the k-means algorithm, but can
> R do k-means++ clustering as well?

k-means++ is a routine to suggest center points before the classical k-means 
is called. The following lines of code will do that, where X is a matrix of 
data points, as requested for kmeans, and k the number of centers:

    kmpp <- function(X, k) {
        n <- nrow(X)
        C <- numeric(k)
        C[1] <- sample(1:n, 1)

        for (i in 2:k) {
            dm <- distmat(X, X[C, ])
            pr <- apply(dm, 1, min); pr[C] <- 0
            C[i] <- sample(1:n, 1, prob = pr)

        kmeans(X, X[C, ])

Here distmat(a, b) should return the distances between the rows of two 
matrices a and b There may be several implementations in R, one is distmat()
in package pracma.

Please note that AFAIK it is not clear whether the approach of kmeans++ is 
really better than, e.g., kmeans with several restarts.

Hans Werner

> Thanks,
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