[R] Cluster GUI package worth publishing/enhancing?

Todd Gillette todd.gillette at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 16:42:02 CET 2012

For a school course I and a partner developed a GUI in R designed to
enable exploration of data via visualization of hierarchical
clustering and correlation of cluster partitions with external
metadata. The key features were the ability to load in a distance
matrix (most GUI-based clustering programs require feature vector
input), and the ability to dynamically subset the data via the GUI
built using a user-provided meta data file. I didn't think this was
sufficient to publish a package, but it did seem like it could make
for a good foundation. I so far have not come across other software
that provides all of these features. I was hoping to get initial
feedback in terms of whether anyone thought this, with or without
certain enhancements, might be worthwhile. For a sense of what the
existing tool looks like and what it does:

We intend to extend the tool to enable feature vector input,
additional forms of visualization beyond cluster dendrogram,
multidimensional scaling of distance matrix input, internal and
external cluster statistics (e.g. Davies-Bouldin index, Rand index),
random subsampling of data to account for the instability of clusters,
and non-hierarchical clustering methods. Obviously a well-organized
GUI is important, and we would seek out feedback and perhaps partner

I'd appreciate any direct feedback here, or suggestions of more
appropriate forums for getting feedback and having a discussion on the

Thank you,
Todd Gillette

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