[R] help filtering points from a scatterplot

Dallas tad.dallas at drakeresearchlab.com
Fri Feb 24 19:13:25 CET 2012

Okay. I think I understand now. You would just like nothing to be plotted for
the points below a certain threshold but there will still be that space
indexing where the point would've gone. I hope I have this right. 

So what you could do to fix that is to make a new matrix (still including
all the data) and then make values above a certain threshold NA. 

#Make up some data 
> a=seq(1,100,by=1) 
> b=runif(100,0,0.5) 

#Make a matrix 
> matrix=cbind(a,b) 

#Make values above a threshold = NA
> newmatrix=matrix
> newmatrix[,2][which(newmatrix[,2]<0.1)]<-NA

#Plot values 
>  plot(newmatrix[,2]~newmatrix[,1], ylim=c(0,1), las=1, ylab='Explan',
> xlab='Window') 

Okay. You just solved it. I'll still post this if you would like to use it. 


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