[R] R CMD INSTALL fails where R CMD check succeeds.

Rob Steele R.7.robsteele at xoxy.net
Fri Feb 24 16:22:17 CET 2012

This is in a 64 bit CentOS 5.6 instance at Amazon AWS with R version 
2.14.1 (2011-12-22).  It happens on several packages: RMySQL, RODBC, 
FastICA.  Many other packages install just fine.

Here's an example error message:

* installing *source* package 'RODBC' ...
** package 'RODBC' successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked
sh: ./configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied
ERROR: configuration failed for package 'RODBC'
* removing '/usr/share/R/library/RODBC'
* restoring previous '/usr/share/R/library/RODBC'

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