[R] why is generating the same graph???

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> Hi,
> why my script iss always generating the same graph?when I 
> change the parameters and the name of text file?

The usual - in fact probably the only - explanation for the same graph is that the same data set is plotted. 

This can happen by mistake for lots of reasons, all associated with the operator. Check that:
- you have no error messages on file reading. if read.table fails, the initial data set will not be replaced, and R will plot the data set by that name.
- your script is actually plotting the data set you are reading; it is surprisingly easy to get names wrong by a character and not notice
- that you are reading the right file
- that the files you are reading contain different data
- that the differences are in column 1 of the data set and not in another column
- if you're plotting inside a function, check that the data plotted has the name of the argument and not the name of an object somewhere else in your workspace (This happens often when testing scripts; if we say f<-function(x) plot(y)   and then run f using, say, f(z), the function will plot y if it exists in the parent environment for the function. It's not unusual to have created a temporary y (or whatever) to test the code... 


> library(MASS)
> dados<-read.table("inverno.txt",header=FALSE)
> vento50<-fitdistr(dados[[1]],densfun="weibull")
> png(filename="invernoRG.png",width=800,height=600)
> hist(dados[[1]], seq(0, 18, 0.5), prob=TRUE, xlab="Velocidade 
> (m/s)",ylab="Densidade", main="50 m")  curve(dweibull(x, 
> shape=0.614, scale=2.435), 0,18,add=T, col='red')
> dev.off()
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