[R] Lattice and horizontally stacked density plots

ilai keren at math.montana.edu
Thu Feb 23 04:07:39 CET 2012

The plot you referred to depends on packages flowViz and flowCore from
With lattice alone you can easily get all curves on the same level:
densityplot(~ val | factor(id2), groups=factor(id1),data=a_df,pch='|')

But if that doesn't do it for you, you could write your own panel
function. I don't have time to try it but I'm thinking one of these
might work
create new ylim[1] from current.panel.limits()$ylim / number of groups
dens<- density(x)
use lines and polygons to draw the curves dens$x,dens$y at each new ylim level.

2) grid may come in handy here, splitting each panel into several viewports ?

3) use bwplot for "setup" but plot polygons of density (steps 2:3 from option 1)

Good luck with that.


On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 3:01 PM, Manish Nag <nagm01 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am try to make a density plot where plots are stacked like the one
> found here:
> http://dsarkar.fhcrc.org/lattice/book/images/Figure_14_03_stdBW.png
> I am facing problems, however. Using the code example below, I'd like
> to generate a separate panel for each val of id2. Within each panel,
> I'd like to have individual histograms each on separate lines based on
> the value of id1.  Note that the code example works fine if I use
> "boxplot" instead of "densityplot". Any pointers would be much
> appreciated.
> library(lattice)
> val<-rep(rnorm(10),100)
> id1<-sample(c(1:5), 100, replace = TRUE)
> id2<-rep(c(6:10),100, replace = TRUE)
> a_df<-data.frame(cbind(id1, id2, val))
> densityplot(factor(id1) ~ val | factor(id2), data=a_df)
> -Manish
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