[R] error with persp()- increasing 'x' and 'y' values expected

adick adick at csu.fullerton.edu
Mon Feb 20 23:49:04 CET 2012

On Feb 20, 2012, at 2:15 PM, adick wrote:

Do you have missing entries? (Running your data fragment through your  
code produces the same error.) You may want to use rep with each and  
times arguments to construct a regular grid and then population the  
missing entries in  matrix with NA's.

Yes, there are missing entries. I don't know what rep and times arguments
are or how to do anything you just said, because I'm knew to R.

I did however figure out how to take the average of my three replicates and
try to plot that, which returns the same error. Here is the updated code:

bob= scan ("SBA3dataTaxonB.txt",what="char")
labels = bob[1:3]
bob=array(bob,dim=c(3, length(bob)/3))
data.frame(bob) -> bob
varx= 0

for (r in 1:(length(bob[,1])/3)) {
    vary[r] <- mean(bob[(1+((r-1)*3)):(3+((r-1)*3)),2])
    varx[r] <- bob[(1+((r-1)*3)),1]
    varz[r] <- bob[(1+((r-1)*3)),3]
rob <- data.frame(varx=varx,varz=varz,vary=vary)

rob = rob[order(rob[,1], rob[,2]),]
persp(rob[,1], rob[,2], rob[,3], log="rob[,1]")

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