[R] how to plot a nice legend?

Jonas Stein news at jonasstein.de
Sun Feb 12 02:07:06 CET 2012

> There are various alternatives available; you can also write your own, 
> by modifying the standard one.

> Generally there are lots of possibilities for customizing within the 
> standard one; e.g. y.intersp will affect the line spacing, using a 
> negative value for inset (together with xpd=NA) will allow the legend to 
> be moved outside the plot.

i tried without success:

legend(1,3, legend=c("one", "two"), inset=-1, xpd=NA)

The legend is still placed inside the plot on point (1,3)

What could i have done wrong?

Can i include a legend like this in a standard plot like 
plot(1:10) too?

kind regards,

Jonas Stein <news at jonasstein.de>

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