[R] decimal number format as quarter

Arnaud Gaboury arnaud.gaboury at a2ct2.com
Wed Feb 8 15:12:56 CET 2012


I have to deal with numbers with a decimal part as quarter, coming from two systems with different way to show decimals. I need to tell R these are in fact the same number.

On one side my number are formatted this way : 2.2 , 2.4 and 2.6. On the other side, I have 2.25, 2.50 and 2.75.
All numbers are in fact 2.1/4, 2.1/2, 2.3/4.

How can I tell R 2.2 is 2.25, 2.4 is 2.50 and 2.6 is 2.75 ?

TY for any help.

Arnaud Gaboury
A2CT2 Ltd.

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